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    Thread V11.0.18.0.qjbeuxm

    New version of miui 11 V11.0.18.0.QJBEUXM EEA But only fastboot, can i install this without bootloader unlocked?
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    Thread Treble roms

    I was looking at getting a Treble rom but i have no idea what to pick arm64-aonly-vanilla-nosu.img or arm64-ab-vanilla-nosu.img AB like on the 6?
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    Thread Buggy news

    The news part of your site got some seriues issues. Seems 1 out of 10 comments are showed rest are gone in who knows what universe
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    Thread Antutu score 5.1

    I just updated like 2 hours ago, installed a few apps got root and twrp on it. Installed antutu just to check the score and wow a score i got with encrypted on. My score on 5.0.1 was 43k which i thought was ok but this new score with many apps installed and 10+ in recent was not bad at all...
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    Thread [Q] Tiny hole on the back

    I was looking at my phone and was wondering what that hole in the back was? Epic paint skillz inc! :laugh: