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    Thread Softbrick? Not sure

    Hi guys, thank you ahead for helping me. I've unlocked the bootloader successfully and installed TWRP and Rooted, but found some issues with Banking apps, PayPal, NFC, Google pay, so I decided to lock the bootloader again. Following the procedure by Jerry08 downloaded C35, installed via TWRP...
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    Thread Modify Stock Firmware to erase the Ads and include root

    I wonder if this could be done, by modifying the Stock Amazon Exclusive Firmware Rom, that way, bootloader wont be necessary to root the device and erase the ads, i mean if the firmware is a zip and can be flashed with ADB, i wonder why it cant be modified to include root and Make a clean rom to...
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    Thread Zenfone 2 zm551ml not charging or does anything

    Well like the title description on top. the phone just suddenly stopped charging yesterday, the led was turned on and it said Fast Charging, because my phone brought the 18w Boosmaster charger, which it was the one i was using since day one. The phone was charging but discharging at the same...
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    Thread I need help, Phone doesnt go Recovery or gets any firmware

    Hi guys!. I'm having trouble with my S3 mini i8190, i cant flash anything via odin, everything gives error Like "movi_write_card_status:2(xxx) start_blk:xxxxx that appears when i try to flash a recovery or a rom via odin PDA. I even used wipe file for the i8190 still gives me this error...
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    Thread How can i Install Lollipop From B126

    Hey guys!, happy to see you guys around and i hope you can help me with my case. I've a Huawei P7 L10 European Version(i believe) and i wanted to install Emui 3.0(Lollipop 5.1.1 Oficial), but i wanted to know if i needed any other version from my B126, because i downloaded Lollipop (B852) but...
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    Thread [Q] [BRICKED] LG F7 Boost Mobile

    I cant put my phone on download mode, my PC recognizes it has Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008, because i installed the driver, otherwise i would get USB QHSUSB_DLOAD has a none driver installed. I've tried so many guides refering to LG G2 tutorials, also other outside-xda guides, but none of them...
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    Thread [Q] doubt about compatible games

    So ive my p6 but like i kinda downloaded "game of thrones" but when i open the game. Nothing shows up. Like is in black. But there some sound. There were like diff versions of the game. adreno. Powervr. Tegra... Which one should be compatible with my.phone? Since mine has QC4000? Im running...
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    Thread Dead Phone

    Well the thing is..i've been using my HTC ONE S for a while now... Then after a while i tried to root my phone via recovery. I unlocked the bootloader successfully since when i boot on bootloader my phone said on the top of the screen "UNLOCKED". Then when i tried to get to recovery...it was...
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    Thread SD Error

    The thing is when i removed my SD to put it on my pc to transfer some photos... I put it back on my phone and there a notification that says.. "Update component usage statistics: allows the modificaction of collected component usage statistics. not for use by nom....." As far i can read since...