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  1. infernofalcon

    Thread Using multiple phones on the same data plan?

    Hey all, I have a quick question for you. I'm not quite sure where I got this notion, so maybe I just made it up, buy I really hope I didn't: Is itpossible to have two phones on the same data plan? Eg: a g1 and a milestone, using the same data/minutes? Is that plausable? Thanks! :)
  2. infernofalcon

    Thread Trouble booting into cyanogen -PLEASE HELP-

    Okay, so I have installed cm on 3 phones so far, and thought I had it down. Apperently not. I flashed the .nbh, used upgrademyg1.com/root.apk, and attempted to install the latest cyanogen. Upon doing so, the phone would hang at the g1 logo. I attempted wiping and repeating to no avail. Thinking...
  3. infernofalcon

    Thread Motorola droid gsm version?

    So does anyone have any opinions on this? http://www.gsmarena.com/gsm_version_of_motorola_droid_spotted_in_the_wild_on_video-news-1217.php Unfortunantly the video was taken down. What do you think the chances are of this going on the market anytime soon?
  4. infernofalcon

    Thread And now, for something completely different...

    Hello XDA, another day, another annoying question. I am running cyanogenmod 4.2. I am running orange hero theme, with a link found in my signature. So my issue is, and this has been going on since I started carrying my phone in my pocket: If I have been carrying my g1 around for a while...
  5. infernofalcon

    Thread I dump my problems unto you!

    ugh, here we go: I am running cyanogenmod 4.04 with the latest recovery. I have the hard spl. I am not themed. I am using auto apps2sd with partions. Soooo, this was working well until I had to take out my sd card for something. As soon as I did, the whole phone froze up, so I restarted. The...
  6. infernofalcon

    Thread Oh my god. This is bad.

    So I just got back from the tmobile store, after sending in my g1 I bricked attempting to install the danger spl, claiming I had no idea what happened. Then I received a call from the person at the store that was helping me informing me that HTC would do a 'check' to see if it had been rooted...
  7. infernofalcon

    Thread Question regarding Haykuro's special spl

    Hello, I just bricked my g1 by attempting to flash Haykuro's 'special' spl. I suppose I was a little hasty flashing it, but I would like to know if there was anything I could have done to avoid it. Is it really random whether or not it bricks your phone or is there ANYTHING you can do to make...