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    Thread O2 Stealth Hard Reset not working

    I've got an O2 Stealth that I'm trying to clear the contacts and calender memory. I did a Google and it said to do a Hard Reset. So I followed the instructions, hold the Windows and OK key and hit the reset with the stylus. It seemed to work, but after about 2 blue bars into the reset (it says...
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    Post PDAphone with camera better than 2MP?

    Anything else besides the TYTN II? I was all set to buy it and just relised it doesn't have a bloody flash - considering how cheap LED's are I can't believe manufacturers still skimp on this!!!
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    Post xda Stealth battery

    Buy a larger capacity battery - I've seen a couple different ones avaliable. The largest I have see is 2800 MAH capacity.
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    Post Stealth forum

    Anyone know of a forum that caters for the O2 XDA Stealth?
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    Thread PDAphone with camera better than 2MP?

    I had an O2 XDA Atom. It was my first Windows Mobile device, prior to this I had only ever used Nokia Symbian phones as far as Smartphones go. After the ease of syncing my contacts and files with Outlook and Microsoft Windows Vista, I'm hooked. However, the most disapointing things so far have...
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    Post Larger capacity batteries - any good?

    Neither the look or larger size worry me if it's going to make a decent improvement to battery life.
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    Thread Larger capacity batteries - any good?

    I was browsing on eBay and saw that there are higher capacity batteries avaliable for the O2 Atom in 1600, 2200 and 2400mah. The later two seem to include a replacement back cover as the battery is physically larger. Just wondering if anyone has used these and if there any good as battery life...
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    Post Stealth forum

    I'm about to buy one and also think there should be a forum for them.
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    Post Improving battery life - underclocking?

    Cheers guys, I'll do some reading.
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    Thread Improving battery life - underclocking?

    I was doing a bit of light reading in relation to overclocking these units, a lot of complaints about increased battery usage. I was wondering is it likewise possible to underclock to improve battery? I only really use mine for the calander and phone functions, and would love longer battery life.
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    Post O2 Atom - hissing noise when on

    And it won't hang up? That's brilliant, I'll be able to live with the phone now!
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    Post O2 Atom - hissing noise when on

    So there's no real feasable solution. I'm so dispointed, the more I use this phone, the more I'm liking it, but then every time I get a phone call I feel like droping it into the nearest bin!
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    Post Atom Disassembly procedure (Wiki)

    So is there any solution for the hissing noise then?
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    Thread How to change tone for incomming messages and alarm clock?

    I'm sure this is covered somewhere so maybe you can point me in the right direction. I don't have a manual for my phone, and I can download one from the O2 website as the previous owner already registered with my IMEI number so I can't get access. I'm trying to change the tone for incoming...
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    Post O2 Atom - hissing noise when on

    Dang, that really sucks. Makes such a nice phone a peice of poo now - I'lll be shifting it off shortly then.
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    Thread O2 Atom - hissing noise when on

    I've got an original O2 Atom (with the latest official O2 ROM installed). It has a very anoiying hissing noise when the unit is on. I.e. if it's on standby (so blank screen) and you press the power button the noise starts when the screen comes to life. It continues the entire time even if the...