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  1. K

    Post telegram group for G4 plus family..!

    Bro it says unable to process your request please try again later.can U please add my no is 9178583051
  2. K

    Post Ghost Touch while Charging!!

    Bro this is just a security update just go for it.It makes the phone stable
  3. K

    Post About ghost touch

    Hey I M from India,but It is a hardware problem not a software problem,so I should go to Motorola centre or lenovo?
  4. K

    Thread About ghost touch

    Is ANYBODY have Idea to fix ghost touch in MOTO G4 PLUS,it's very very irritating?? Any person have any idea please SHARE IT??:(
  5. K

    Post i have some questions...

    Bro mine is MPJ24.139-13.3 ---------- Post added at 06:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:33 PM ---------- My mobile HV not seriously over-heating as u said,but if u played high end game like san-andreas about 20 mins then it reach about 43 degree,rest is not problem.
  6. K

    Post i have some questions...

    Thanxs for reply.I had also received the mobile on 27th may,but Had a update if u have future update then share it.
  7. K

    Post i have some questions...

    Bro it is the update for camera and system bug fixes the update came at my side about last month so my question is is this update fix over heat??
  8. K

    Post i have some questions...

    hey bro r u update it to the latest system update or not??