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  1. Zepiii

    Post Fuelband SE

    It works! Thanks teruhiko666
  2. Zepiii

    Post Fuelband SE

    Am I the only one for who this link does NOT work :( ?
  3. Zepiii

    Post Fuelband SE

    Can someone reupload it on a proper host plz?
  4. Zepiii

    Post Fuelband SE

    Please, I am also looking for this APK. Mind someone extract it and share it? Thank you!
  5. Zepiii

    Post [MOD][4.3+][2.2] Fitbit Mobile Sync Bluetooth 4.0 LE

    Can we hope to have this mod for the HTC One X ? Thanks, Zepiii ---------- Post added at 10:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:21 PM ---------- Can we hope to have this mod for the HTC One X ? Thanks, Zepiii
  6. Zepiii

    Post [Q] Bluetooth 4.0 support / FitBit

    UP. This interests me too :)
  7. Zepiii

    Post [MOD][4.3+][2.2] Fitbit Mobile Sync Bluetooth 4.0 LE

    Hi, Are you really using HTC One X and FitBit Flex? If yes, which ROM do you have one your One X as 4.3 ? Thanks you, Zepiii
  8. Zepiii

    Post [ROM][AOSP OpenMaster][cfX 4.7.3-toolchain][SR19] OFFICIAL codefireX Nightlies!

    Congratz to pnoire for the french translation ;) ! And thank you for this great ROM :)
  9. Zepiii

    Post [ROM][07 JUL][4.2.2][OFFICIAL] PACman v23.0.0 - The AIO Rom | Built From Source !

    This ROM is really intersting. Hope you will find a solution for the last small bugs ;) !
  10. Zepiii

    Post [APP] [1.6+] [17/05/13] Phono 1.7b - The operator widget (CDMA & GSM)

    Really good app ! Just thanked you in the first post ! You rox Apus ;) EDIT : o_O, looks like I can't thank you, maybe it's due to the fact I gave you the post 1 :O And this manipulation need to change the date to an older post, and at this time, the thanks fonction was not already abled.
  11. Zepiii

    Post [GAME] DUNE on Android : One of the best "point & click" ! FREE ;) !

    Game ended on my HTC Desire HD with v0.2 of aDOSbox ;)
  12. Zepiii

    Post [GAME] DUNE on Android : One of the best "point & click" ! FREE ;) !

    It's so strange... Did you took the v0.2 beta of aDOSbox? If yes, maybe you should try the v0.1 (WVGA) : http://code.google.com/p/adosbox/downloads/list
  13. Zepiii

    Post [GAME] DUNE on Android : One of the best "point & click" ! FREE ;) !

    Did you see in the up-left corner, there is "Ab", if you click on it, nothing happen?
  14. Zepiii

    Post [GAME] DUNE on Android : One of the best "point & click" ! FREE ;) !

    Yop ! In aDOSbox, to make the keyboard appears, simply press Menu (maybe several times). Did you tried to do that? In the game "Dune", you never need the keyboard ;) Keep me informed, Zepiii
  15. Zepiii

    Post [GAME] DUNE on Android : One of the best "point & click" ! FREE ;) !

    Happy you enjoy it ;) ! After some hours of playing DUNE, the gameplay is really playable, and the game is still so amazing ! :)
  16. Zepiii

    Post [GAME] DUNE on Android : One of the best "point & click" ! FREE ;) !

    Also working in the same way, the game "Carmen San Diego" ;) :D
  17. Zepiii

    Thread [GAME] DUNE on Android : One of the best "point & click" ! FREE ;) !

    Hi all ! More than 10 years ago, I was playing Dune on my compter ! Now, I tried to "emulate" it on my Windows 7 64 bits, but it's crashing so I looked around to make it work for Android, and I succeed on my HTC Desire HD (WVGA Device). Should work for all other WVGA devices, dunno for others ...
  18. Zepiii

    Post [Q] GAME for Fpsece

    This subject is border line to our rules, that's why I'll close it as anyway, the OP had the answers he wished. See you. Zepiii
  19. Zepiii

    Post [APP] [1.6+] [17/05/13] Phono 1.7b - The operator widget (CDMA & GSM)

    New OP for this thread as requested by the creator of this application.
  20. Zepiii

    Post Iphone Crasher App?

    This thread is so kiddish ! The answers are so rude... I don't understand what's sort of pleasure people have on the internet to flame like that. Anyway, I close this useless thread and report this to a Senior Mod
  21. Zepiii

    Post [HOW TO?] Easy way to get almost ALL the lyrics for your songs with S2P !

    Looks like the new version of Lyricator is out ;) http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54280
  22. Zepiii

    Post Green Power Battery Saver PREMIUM 3.1. Test

    XDA Rules : Link removed
  23. Zepiii

    Post OpenWatch v1.5.1 (2011-08-02) Android (SE BT Watch MBW-100/150/200, LM958, Prada)

    SmartMadSoft, You rox !! Thank you ;) Zepiii
  24. Zepiii

    Post [APP] Facebook for Android 1.5

    talktoanil & igtheactt1, Stop acting like kids plz. I deleted your post, and I don't want any new insults, you did already enough for the whole next year Any new insult will result in a ban... or if you want to talk, you have MP for that. Thank you. ++ Zepiii
  25. Zepiii

    Post BOGO This is really amazing

    Thread closed.
  26. Zepiii

    Post [App]Media Center Control - The WMC/WMP Remote for WM

    Then I have to close the thread, it's the XDA rules. I'll open it again if you provide demo version. MP if it's done. ++ Zepiii
  27. Zepiii

    Post Logmein Ignition

    It looks like some people forgot the rule number 6 ! Thread locked, links deleted and member giving warez reported ! @miztaken1312, Thank you for the PM.
  28. Zepiii

    Post your phone got lost? Find My Android ”1.0 BETA help you

    Well, I think openbook didn't wanted to be rude, but I think his message is very short because he is writing from his mobile. Maybe at the question "Which langage do you need?", you could have add at the english of your answer, a little "Plz"... Just to show some respect to the developer ;)...
  29. Zepiii

    Post [HOW TO?] Easy way to get almost ALL the lyrics for your songs with S2P !

    Hmmm, I'm also trying to make this work, but it looks like it's not working as before... **** :( ^^ Will try to find a solution, but I can't promise it... ++ Zepiii. EDIT : Looks like we have to be patient again for some times, just saw that on an other forum : ++
  30. Zepiii

    Post [APP] Reboot Manager / Widget [Updated 11/17]

    Thread closed. We are still waiting for the lite version, and even after several warnings, it's still not there. When the lite version is ready, PM me with the thread link, and I'll re-open it. ++ Zepiii.
  31. Zepiii

    Post [APP] Reboot Manager / Widget [Updated 11/17]

    Hi, It's still not done. Any chance to see the lite version today ? Thank you. Zepiii.
  32. Zepiii

    Post [APP][1.6+] FriendCaster for Android | Push Notifications and more!

    Thread locked due to rules #11 You can PM me for more info. See you. Zepiii.
  33. Zepiii

    Post [APP] Cleopatra- A Wonderful Game! (Free)

    @yvonnecheng, I don't trust this game... I am locking this topic, and if you want it to be re-opened, check the autorisation the game is asking. Send me a PM, and give more sources and informations about this game. Also, why this game isn't simply on the android market? @All, Everyone that...
  34. Zepiii

    Post Forum for ANDROID [Free App]

    Looks like your intention is only to make publicity and not sharing your knowledge with others. Thread locked. In case you want it to be re-opened, PM me with good reasons. See you. Zepiii.
  35. Zepiii

    Post NHL Mobile app ?

    Thread closed then ;) See ya !
  36. Zepiii

    Thread [IDEA] HTC HDD (for Touch HD Dual)

    Here is what a mate from my french forum (www.HTC-DEV.com) asked me to post here ! If you want to discuss about it in french, come here : HTC HDD by NAK ...
  37. Zepiii

    Post [Game] Krazy Kart Racing

    By the way, I've got this game on the Galaxy S of my mate, and it's really cool ! In multiplayer, there is only one server? (SWE/polarbit). Is it normal? I tried to connect to it, but I couldn't. Any idea?
  38. Zepiii

    Post [Game] Krazy Kart Racing

    No problem, here is the answer : No more links, except the official one ;) See you.
  39. Zepiii

    Post [Game] Krazy Kart Racing

    Hi all, If I am right, this game is not free. So all the links here are WAREZ ! Warez isn't allowed on XDA, due to rule 6 : However, I am not 100 % sure, that's why I am getting more info and if it became free, I'll post the links back. Anyway, for the moment, don't post any links or you...
  40. Zepiii

    Post pocket player 4.1 new abilities!

    Links deleted !! Warez is not allowed on this forum ! You are warned ! See you. Zepiii. PS : Thank you Miami_Son & p107r0 for reporting this post ;)
  41. Zepiii

    Post [APP]

    Thread closed as requested by the OP.
  42. Zepiii

    Post Chrome to phone... not working??

    I don't use Chrome To Phone, I use LinkPush which does exactly the same thing. Simply type "LinkPush" on the market and install the plugin for chrome and it's done ^^
  43. Zepiii

    Post [Q] Need help for appbrain app market

    Your method is also working for warez application, so I can't deleted it. Don't forget this forum rule :
  44. Zepiii

    Post Talking Tom Cat, so funny

    @sp1kez Next time, if you don't like the game, don't post. We don't need useless post like that. Post deleted. @Nemessi, How can we say stupid things like that. Stop it. Reported to a senior mod.
  45. Zepiii

    Post Swipe

    All answers you can have on this forum are there. Don't forget, warez is NOT allowed on this forum. Topic locked.
  46. Zepiii

    Post proxycap 1.43 or 1.12

    Warez isn't allowed on this forum ! Topic locked.
  47. Zepiii

    Post diablo port for android?

    So true !! It's a perfect diablo like :)
  48. Zepiii

    Post Why are there no push Twitter apps?

    Right ! I also tried TweetDeck, and tbh, it's really nice for a beta :)