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    Thread Question System app folder and priv app folder

    Hi,can someone upload system app folder and priv-app folder? Every apps that is on s21ultra,thanx.
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    Thread Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ System dump

    Can someone upload system dump of TAB S7/S7+ ? Thanx.
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    Thread Note 4 Shuts off at ~35% battery capacity!!!

    Hello,after i rooted im facing problem.I use stock samsung rom.After my phone reach 35 to 30 % battery it shuts of and cant turn on until i not plug it on charge,like vhen you fully discarge your batery.So i buyed new batter but same problem at 35-30% battery remain.In battery graph it show drop...
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    Thread Note 4 sytem ui sounds (marshmallow)

    Hi can someome pls upload system ui sounds folder,no need other like notify just ui sounds folder.Just stock note 4 marshmallow!I replaced stock with note 8 sounds but now my lock screen sounds not work(maybe it has bad name).