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    Post [XPOSED][GB-O] StatusBarSleep - Double tap statusbar to sleep!

    Confirmed working on Sony Xperia Z3 stock ROM 6.0!
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    Post LG G4 after flashing it went dead.

    Can you boot to recovery? Should be the power + volume down combo until the logo comes up. Alternatively, Have you installed ADB and fastboot drivers? Can ADB see your device when you're plugged into the computer? Perhaps you can get into bootloader mode through ADB if so. Connect LG G4 to your...
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    Post Tasker... prevent phone from deep sleep

    Also, as the topic I posted in.... I'd prefer Tasker profile suggestions on how to do what I need it to do. Unless you say another potential reason you think is the cause, and why. I'm open to build.prop editing as well IF you know what works.
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    Post Tasker... prevent phone from deep sleep

    ??? That doesn't really answer my question. The wifi connection drops every 15 minutes. While not a huge ordeal with a stock music player, it IS a big deal with SoundCloud (and Pandora, as I occasionally use, too).
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    Thread Tasker... prevent phone from deep sleep

    Everything I find is about people wanting to setup Tasker to make their phone deep sleep. I need mine to stay awake. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505, on 5.1.1. CyanogenMod 12.1. Issue: Using phone on work wifi to listen to music, wifi disconnects after 15 minutes (assuming due to the Android...