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    Post Anyone know anything about Blink Light?

    The new Pixel 3 doesn't have the notification LED present from what I read. meaning the hardware is not there. ---------- Post added at 10:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:28 AM ---------- See the link...
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    Post Just received Pixel 3 and had to return it!

    Oh, yeah...just noticed that! I was so focused on the scratches and SIM tray that I didn't even bother too look for other issues. Good call! Guess QA missed this one SMH!
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    Thread Just received Pixel 3 and had to return it!

    I was excited to receive my pixel 3 Just white 128 GB yesterday 10/18! Upon opening the device and holding it in my hand, I felt the lower SIM card tray was not fully seated into the slot. I removed it and re-inserted the tray. It seems there is an issue with this device and the sim tray not...
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    Thread Android pie 9 ota from google today :)

    Google just updated my software to Pie android version 9. And just when I was about to manually run the OTA. This is a cleaner install. Still playing with the settings and getting used to some of the new features. Just wanted to give a heads up to those of you who were thinking of upgrading and...
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    Post Post your homescreen!

    Porsche Design Galaxy S8! :laugh:
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    Post Post your homescreen!

    Porsche Design S8 :) :D
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    Post Good TPU Gel (Grippy) Cases???

    I agree! I just received my Nillkin Nature case (clear) and it's the best! :good:
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    Post Magnetic vent mount

    You are correct. It only outputs 1A of power. I have not been able to find a vent/magnet mount Qi quick charger on the market yet. I was thinking of building my own as you can source prebuilt units that can output 1.3-1.5Amps, but have to use a 9v adapter. Will still look around. :fingers-crossed:
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    Post Problem with Armorsuit Case Friendly Screen Protector (S8)

    I bought an Armour Suit screen protector of Ebay and had no issues installing it. It fits great and the edges are not lifting. When installing, the edges did lift slightly, but I ended up using a hair dryer to let the edges stick. After applying the spray solution, when the skin adhesive drys a...
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    Post Magnetic vent mount

    I just got the Nillkin quick charge vent mount and it works great. There are two thin metal strips that adhere to the back of the phone and don't need to block the charge area. This is by far the best magnetic vent mount I have used so far. And if you don't mind the thin'ist TPU case this works...
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    Post S8 Ultra-thin case? (Peel-like case)

    The Nillkin brand of cases out of china are good quality. I've owned a few version of their cases for different models of phone. If you want the slimist case that is TPU and gives some slight shock protection over not having a case, the NATURE line is awesome. I just ordered my clear S8 case...
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    Post Are there any heavy duty cases with a built-in screen protector?

    Lifeproof has their case and it's waterproof, but expensive @ $80! Also, you can look at the Love Mei cases and can buy them from ebay or amazon. :good: http://www.lovemeicase.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=87_207
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    Post New Verizon update - G950USQU1AQD9

    Verizon Galaxy S8 software update pushing through 4/21 Verizon S8 software update from NRD90M.G950USQU1AQC8 to NRD90M.G950USQU1AQD9 Changes: - Apps optimized for infinity display - Answer calls without touching screen - use volume up key - Camera App Icon has new look - Notification badges are...
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    Post 3D GLASS Curved screen for Samsung Galaxy S8

    The problem with the 3D curved tempered glass is that the adhesive they use is not like the flat glass versions. Not sure why no one can do this. If you look at all full coverage glass (had one for the LG V20, same issue) the adhesive is only on the outer most edges. Since the adhesive is like...
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    Post [FYI] Remapping and Disabling Bixby Still Works (4/19)

    I have the Verizon S8 as well and was able to remap my bixby button as well. Just be sure to enable Developer options and turn off 'Automatic System Updates'! :laugh:
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    Post Verizon Galaxy S8 Delivered! 4/19

    Settings screenshots attached :D
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    Thread Verizon Galaxy S8 Delivered! 4/19

    Just received my S8 today! Super stoked. Also, before I completely set up the phone, I didn't add any google accounts. I immediately went to disable all the bloatware and preinstalled apps I don't use. Not sure what Verizon did, but I was able to delete most of the bloatware that came on the...
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    Post Verizon S8 - S8 Plus Order Confirmation Board

    My Verizon S8 just arrived today! Wed 19th! :good:
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    Post Verizon S8 - S8 Plus Order Confirmation Board

    Just got shipping & tracking info on my S8 from Verizon. Will arive Wed the 19th! Ahead of the initial release date.???
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    Post anyone considering the s8?

    I had the G6 for about two days and returned it. I had high hopes for it but sadly it wasn't up to par. I've had the G4, V10, G5, V20 (current) and the G6 after I set it up was starting to show lag between tasks. Also, the pictures came out grainy and noisy. I did a factory reset twice with no...
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    Post [Discussion] LG G6 Mega Thread

    I had thought about it, but unfortunately I use verizon. I would have to root the device to try and use qpst to enable the cdma bands on the chip and see if I can get the device to link to the cdma network/PRL coding. Seemed too much of a hassle for the cost.
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    Post Got mine... So far, so awful.

    Picked up a Black version G6 this past Thursday. Was super stoked to finally get the device. It's a Verizon version. I got to test it the last few days and I'm sadly disappointed with it. The camera images are not as good as my V20 as most images come out grainy/noise. Also, I have significant...
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    Post Verizon PreOrders

    Picked up the only black version available at the local V store on Thursday. The google home promo doesn't like my imei either. But after using this phone for two days, I'm sadly disappointed with it. The camera images are not as good as my V20 as most images come out grainy/noise. Also, I have...
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    Post [Discussion] LG G6 Mega Thread

    I like LG devices and have switched to every new device since the G4 (V10,G5 & V20). Currently with the V20. I really wanted them to make a water resistant phone and they finally did with the G6. Sadly though all the good things I wanted will not be coming to the US market on April 7th! No white...
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    Post Enabling LG Smartworld Themes on Verizon

    You will need to download the LG SmartWorld APK file. From chrome browser on your phone, navigate to www.lgworld.com. Before you download the app/ apk file, go to the security settings and ensure that 'Unknown Sources' selection is set to ON. this is because the app is not from the google play...
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    Post Enabling LG Smartworld Themes on Verizon

    I tried this with my G5 and it didn't work either. But I found out the issue. The theme feature is only functional with Home UX 4.0 and NOT UX 5.0. With Home 5.0, the shortcut shows up but I would get a pop up error stating 'Application is not Available'. If I switch to Home UX 4.0, the theme...
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    Post [KDZ] Download Marshmallow KDZ 24C From LG Servers

    The OS Backup&Reset options in settings is what you use. No need for 3rd party back up. Also, you can do just a contacts backup along with the full backup to ensure you have the contacts from the phone. On your device, goto Settings, scroll down under personal section to Backup&Reset. Select...
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    Post [KDZ] Download Marshmallow KDZ 24C From LG Servers

    Unfortunately, No. Lost root, but I was just pointing out that there was no need to downgrade / flash the 13B KDZ file. :cool: ---------- Post added at 09:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:54 AM ---------- I used the LG system Backup/Restore feature and saved my previous data on the...
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    Post [KDZ] Download Marshmallow KDZ 24C From LG Servers

    I went from rooted 13B firmware to 24C marshmallow with out issue, sort of. When I tried to flash the KDZ file via LGUP, it would flash but hang at the verizon logo screen. My first flash I let the phone sit for 20min with no change. I then removed the battery and rebooted. stayed at the verizon...
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    Post Best case for LG G4

    I just got the Nilkin Brand thin clear Natural case for my G4. It is the best case in my opinion. It's only 0.6mm thin. It's like a prophylactic for your phone ...lol. It's so thin and made of TPU so it still has shock absorption value. I have dropped my phone twice already and no issues. I even...
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    Post Wireless Charging Issue Update 13B

    The LG G4 doesn't support wireless charging unless the NFC sticker on the back cover is changed out for one that is NFC/Qi charging capable. Look at the NFC sticker on the inside of the back cover. If it only has one section of the sticker with two metal pads, then it's only NFC capable. There...
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    Post [ROOT ANDROID][2.x-6.0] KINGROOT: The One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices

    I had tried the SU replacement work around, but doesn't seem to work for Xperia devices. It will push the SU to the system, but when trying to update binaries, it fails. It does try to uninstall KingUser, but again it will remove the 4.0.5 version, but then the KingUser 4.0.2 version is still...
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    Post [ROOT ANDROID][2.x-6.0] KINGROOT: The One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I guess I didn't clearly state the functions. I can apply the KU 4.0.5, but when I do uninstall or Unroot,the app stays on the device and is downgraded to version 4.0.2. In the OP, this was a bug for Sony devices and there is a work around, but that workaround...
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    Post [ROOT ANDROID][2.x-6.0] KINGROOT: The One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices

    Hello, I wanted to confirm that the Sony Xperia Z3v D6708 for Verizon Wireless was successfully rooted with kingroot. I wanted to confirm also that I was unable to remove KingUser by using the methods listed in the OP. The App keeps reverting back to version 4.0.2 and gives no option for...
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    Post [RKDN_ROM] *** DRAGON_SLAYER_3 *** ((( Update Available )))

    RK, for the SIM unkown source NAG, is this something I could change in a file? SQL? if so, could you point me in the right file location? I was looking at the setup files, settings.db file from a few of the app folders, but couldn't locate it. If not, I will just wait for the update...
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    Post [RKDN_ROM] *** DRAGON_SLAYER_3 *** ((( Update Available )))

    Thanx again for all the work with this Rom. Im still overseas & just flashed the new updates. Any way to get rid of the Unknown Sim card nag? Im using pre-paid card & didn't have thin on the previous versions. :fingers-crossed:
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    Post The Official RUU of M8 for Windows Phone (Verizon Edition)

    Have you tried to flash this via the RUU mode from fast boot? using the fastboot commands below the xXXX.zip would be the actual RUU zip file on the ADB folder directory of where you should have it. Fastboot oem rebootRUU (will get black screen with HTC only showing) fastboot flash zip...
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    Post Latest VZW OTA/Firmware update 4.4.3 removes 'New APN' setting.

    Update: Figured the APN issue thing out Thanks to member DOTTAT for giving me the direction I needed to get the APN assignment issue resolved. I just needed to do things differently for getting the APN to load up. Basically had to to to the 'Network Preferences' section to add the network my...
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    Post [Q&A] 【Dual OS】Verizon M8 KK4.4.4 Full HTC Sense 6 with EYE experience ART/DEX+GP

    Dottat, I saw that option to add an operator. Both sim cards I used when rebooted showed the network operator/carrier, which I assume is why It connects to voice signal and text. I guess I could add more options and see what happens if it changes the apn detection or gives the option in the...
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    Post |ROM|★Skyfall★|►3.28.605.4◄|►4.4.4◄|Nov.4.14 |

    Is anyone else have the issue of missing the 'New APN' selection from the network settings? I'm traveling abroad and was running SF version 3.2 and flashed to another ROM. seems the 4.4.3 firmware change may have removed this feature. Since I couldn't manually add an APN for my pre-paid sim...
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    Post [Q&A] 【Dual OS】Verizon M8 KK4.4.4 Full HTC Sense 6 with EYE experience ART/DEX+GP

    Are you refering to the option to add 'New APN'? I have a post regarding this. Not sure if it was just me, but did some testing. Do you even have the option in the 3-button menu for 'New APN' or just 'Reset to Default'? I believe after the 4.4.3 firmware update, verizon or htc removed this...
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    Post [RKDN_ROM] *** DRAGON_SLAYER_3 *** ((( Update Available )))

    Roland_K, thanks again for trying to help me with my issue. After our PM discussion, I just wanted to share the differences in the APN window I was talking about. Was wondering if somehow we can use the APN apk files from the old firmware 4.4.2 and install them into the new firmware 4.4.3 with...
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    Post Latest VZW OTA/Firmware update 4.4.3 removes 'New APN' setting.

    Adding Screen shots for reference from my testing on my device Using 4.4.2 firmware and SkyFall Rom 2.7 and 4.4.3 firmware running both SkyFall 3.2 and RKDN rom 1.4 & final version tested. :cowboy:
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    Thread Latest VZW OTA/Firmware update 4.4.3 removes 'New APN' setting.

    I noticed that under Network settings for Global or GSM, the New APN feature to manually add an APN for different sim is gone. Looks like it's an auto detect feature now. I travel overseas for business alot and use pre-paid SIM cards. Not all prepaid sim cards have the data APN coded. I just...
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    Post [RKDN_ROM] *** DRAGON_SLAYER_3 *** ((( Update Available )))

    Thanks for the quick reply. I just did a clean install with the final version and the APN section will automatically populate the VZW apn settings, but no other SIM card will auto populate. The three button drop down menu only displays 'Reset to Default'. The stock OS has 'ADD& DELETE APN'...
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    Post [RKDN_ROM] *** DRAGON_SLAYER_3 *** ((( Update Available )))

    RolandK....I'm on 1.4 version & currently in Taiwan. Using the gsm or global mode doesn't allow me the option to add an APN. It's missing. Is this an issue with the final version? All other ROM's have this. :confused:
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    Post [RKDN_ROM] *** DRAGON_SLAYER_3 *** ((( Update Available )))

    Update: I just downloaded the M8 stock HTC zip. Now I'm a happy camper! :laugh:
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    Post Unlock all bands of your Qualcomm device! Use your phone globally! No bs!

    sorry for the delayed response. been traveling overseas. I only used it to view the bands that are default active from verizon. I didn't enable any features as I didn't play with settings. I don't want anyone to brick their device. I need to get a new HTC phone to play with and experiment. I...