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  1. Magnetox

    Thread General Stock ROM (Canadian SM-A326W)

    Hey guys, Here is the stock rom (Canadian version) and the tools you need to flash it to your phone in download mode. This is just incase you brick your phone, it can recover your device even if you cannot factory reset. Here is the link to the rom and the tool you'll need (Odin). You will need...
  2. Magnetox

    Thread Delete please

    This thread is now defunct. I have moved to iPhone. Sorry about this. Take care everybody. Regards, Magnetox
  3. Magnetox

    Thread Translate apk

    Hey Pixel owners, I'm a Nexus 6p owner and I'm just curious if you guys can pull the .apk and perhaps the libraries out of your pixel devices so that I can work with it and maybe package it in a Nexus 6p rom so that we may be able to use the Pixel translate features (Google bud translate) on...
  4. Magnetox

    Thread Modding translate (Pixel hack)

    Anyone have any thoughts about modding or hacking android 8.0 so that we can use the cool "Pixel" translate feature with our own headsets that have microphones (wired or Bluetooth)? I can't imagine it would be that hard... We would just have to trick the OS into thinking we are using Pixel buds...
  5. Magnetox

    Thread Bluetooth HID Profile Update

    Hi everyone, Been fiddling around with my 6P, and I'm trying to connect some HID devices to the phone via bluetooth (namely a sixaxis PS3 controller). I'm using the standard method of the app "Sixaxis controller" on the android market, but unlike this video...
  6. Magnetox

    Thread Nexus 6P Benchmark Thread

    Hi everyone, this thread is an attempt to consolidate all of the benchmarks amongst all of the different roms and kernels we are using. The purpose of this thread is to supply those who are curious with factual information as to what combinations of kernels, roms, and customizations they may use...
  7. Magnetox

    Thread Windows 10 & ADB/Fastboot

    Anyone here having issues on Windows 10 with ADB/Fastboot recognition? I'm using the Android SDK Toolkit from the Google website, and I have both ADB and Fastboot installed. ADB recognizes the device, and started a shell on the device, everything is ok. I reboot the device into fastboot mode...
  8. Magnetox

    Thread Black screen on camera

    Hi everyone, Just got a brand new Nexus 6P yesterday, camera was working fine. Woke up this morning and the camera produces a black screen. Cleared camera data, cache, updated, tried third party apps, then performed a factory reset. All to no avail. I'm assuming this has something to do with...
  9. Magnetox

    Thread New Miui Version

    Hey guys just wanted to point out that we have one of the newer versions of miui for our phone available here: http://en.miui.com/download-244.html It's what I'm going to be using for a bit. It is for LB/UB Cheers. Here's a link to the basic gapps I used(play store only)...
  10. Magnetox

    Thread We need more LB support.

    Hey guys, just a quick thread. I think this phone needs more LB support. Has anyone even tried a bypass method for us with LB to be able to flash custom kernels? I know back when I had a Bell Motorola Atrix there was a hack that gave us the ability to unlock our bootloaders. Why aren't we...
  11. Magnetox

    Thread MIUI Keyboard Replacement [LB/UB]

    Hey guys, For those who are using MIUI, here's a link to the stock keyboard with a modification added for a numbers row atop the letters: Edited link https://www.mediafire.com/?r2f1dcdfvb7xd26 This might work in other roms as well, I'm not sure, but it's confirmed to be working in the latest...
  12. Magnetox

    Thread Dire situation

    Hey all. I've had my atrix since before we got our BL unlocked. I've been following the scene and flashing with no problems for a long time. After flashing "insert rom name here", a CM7 based rom, my wifi has stopped working. It is a known serious issue where the atrix wifi says "error" when...
  13. Magnetox

    Thread 92% battery max

    For the past few days my battery has been charging to a max of 92%, whether or not I try unplugging the battery, leaving the phone on the charger, wiping battery stats, and doing all that I can to try to reset the battery stats. Anyone have any idea? UPDATE: My phone is still not charging past...
  14. Magnetox

    Thread Skype now works

    Just letting you all know, even though skype is an app, that it is now usable on tegra devices aka xoom atrix and more!!! Video chat!!! Awesomeeee sauce
  15. Magnetox

    Thread Ice cream sandwich

    It's been bothering me that a lot of people don't think the atrix is going to get an official ice cream sandwich update. I decided to make this thread to consolidate any discussion or questions about the future update. The android carrier alliance promises that any device will be updated to...
  16. Magnetox

    Thread Miui

    Any news if miui-us plans on taking on the ATRIX? Sent from my MB860 using XDA App
  17. Magnetox

    Thread Now with photon news

    Do you think this will help atrix development, as they probably share similiar dev trees? Or no, am I just completely silly
  18. Magnetox

    Thread Anyone miss froyo?

    I don't miss it enough to go back to it, but the battery life and app compatability were much better than ota GB and (don't flame me I know its prebeta) cm7. My fps stutters and battery drain issues are frustrating. And I also miss a functional juicedefender. Your thoughts? Sent from my...
  19. Magnetox

    Thread [Q] Game FPS stutters

    Guys and gals, after upgrading to atrix GB (on all roms this happens) certain games seem to stutter every once in a while. Fruit ninja thd stutters on 3+ fruit cuts, and moonchaser stutters periodically. I don't play too many games so those are the two I noticed, but has anyone else had this...
  20. Magnetox

    Thread [Q] Alien vs picherry

    Wondering about some informed opinions on which rom is better. Preferably but not necessarily by people who have tried both. Both based on att 4.5.91 Cheers
  21. Magnetox

    Thread 2.3.4 battery life solution

    Requires root Download setcpu, make a new profile for screen off, set max cpu at 216 mhz, min cpu and 216 mhz. Check "set on boot" and open up setcpu everytime you boot up your phone. (so it obtains superuser root access and loads the profile) This will save battery life substantially. Went...
  22. Magnetox

    Thread [Q] Contact images

    Hey guys, I'm rocking OrangeFR 2.3.4 and it seems my contact images aren't syncing. Is there a way I can manually force a re-sync? Cheers
  23. Magnetox

    Thread [Q] Rooting OLYEM 2.1.1

    Hey guys I'm rockin french retail atm.. wondering the best method that roots properly. I want to stay on french retail. Prefer not to use GB because I don't want to backup my internal but if thats the ONLY one I guess I have to. Cheers.
  24. Magnetox

    Thread Delete plz

    delete plz
  25. Magnetox

    Thread [Bell 0.37.23] DEVS ONLY (Gingerbread OTA)

    WARNING: DO NOT FLASH THIS ON ANY PHONE IT CONTAINS A NEW BOOTLOADER THAT WILL HARD BRICK YOU AND NOT FEEL GUILTY All of the credit belongs to devs. Samcripp for setting up Project Cheesecake, the effort to find as many international builds as possible located on cloud servers. Navalynt for...
  26. Magnetox

    Thread What is this?

    http://stats.cyanogenmod.com/ "olympus 15" 15 flashes on olympus? cm7 being devved on the atrix???!!!! cha-ching
  27. Magnetox

    Thread Interesting find... xml?

    After looking at a list of motorola cloud servers I decided to mess around with them in cmd and tracert and pingtest them. This led me to entering IP addresses into my browser, and this led me to discover weird .xml documents listed on the cloud sites. I discovered that there were 3 types of...
  28. Magnetox

    Thread Mandatory android app

    Juice defender. All your problems shall disappear.
  29. Magnetox

    Thread [Q] cloud connect

    Hey guys. Just wondering how I change my update server from stock bell to: master-qa2.blurdev.com And if I do change it, where can I retrieve the original server info so I can switch back. Cheers.
  30. Magnetox

    Thread *Unofficial* gingerbread video thread

    If you are a brave soul, take out ye ol' digital camera and put together some gingerbread videos to show off the new features/looks. Check out what's new in gingerbread (if you aren't totally sure) and try to cover some of these new features...
  31. Magnetox

    Thread Whats with all the qq

    I've been noticing a lot of hate lately. I couldn't be more happy than I am with my atrix. Its my first android phone (however I played with friends quite a bit). Even if the bootloader stayed locked I would still be happy with the phone. Its a phone. Gb is coming soon, the screen is bright...
  32. Magnetox

    Thread *Unofficial* atrix benchmark thread

    For those who don't have ATT phones, it would be greatly appreciated if those who do have ATT phones flex their kernel/build/rom! List your clock speed, kernel, firmware, and your benchmark results. Test with a static wallpaper as live wallpapers slow down your phone. Cheers I'm bell 2.2.2...
  33. Magnetox

    Thread 2.3.4 benchmarks

    Anyone? 10char
  34. Magnetox

    Thread Bell gingerbread

    Not a QQ thread d/w wondering if there are any bell beta builds that were thrown out there. if not, lets pressure the **** out of bell! :D
  35. Magnetox

    Thread [HOWTO] Flawless bell update

    WELCOME to the WINDOWS Bell Atrix 0.37.4 update guide on how to go from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2! (without problems :)) =================================================================================================================================================== WARNING Do not attempt any of these...
  36. Magnetox

    Thread Read bell users

    Hey guys, If you're having trouble with the new 2.2.2 update (getting stuck at 20%, seeing a triangle with an exclamation point, etc.) I'll be glad to help you guys. I had the issue myself, but now I fixed it and am running 2.2.2 thanks to NFHimself. He was the one who linked me all of the...
  37. Magnetox

    Thread [Q] Help new update problems

    Hey guys... I have a bell atrix, and I just downloaded the new update released. It prompted me to install it, so I plugged it into the USB in my computer (so it had guaranteed power) and hit install. The phone powered off, rebooted, and is now showing me a picture of a Droid standing next to...
  38. Magnetox

    Thread [Q] [Help] New update

    Im trying to update to a new 2.2.2 update that bell just released for canadian users. I download it, I press install, it reboots my phone into android recovery. It begins to install the update, then it shows me this: verifying current system... assert failed: apply_patch_check...
  39. Magnetox

    Thread Is new bell update rootable?

    See thread title Gingerbreak is my preferred method!!! Thanks God for an update :D
  40. Magnetox

    Thread [Question] Telestra flashing

    delete please
  41. Magnetox

    Thread Why no Bell atrix themes?

    Why is it that the Bell Atrix has no themes? If I flash one of the themes here that is available, isn't it true that it'll probably break my bell atrix? If so, it is that much extra work to make the theme portable to Bell Atrix? If not so, how can I get these themes onto my Bell Atrix (if i'm...