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    Post 19Feb-St'bar Mod Repository-G2 KK[NEW-StatusbarScreenshot with Delete Button-Post#2]

    Am on the Stock Kitkat Rom and Wow this works like a charm.... rastigo thank you for keeping up with your amazing work. I truly love this statusbar mod- Killer Indeed> Here are the screenshots
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    Post Hide front touch buttons

    Thanks for sharing but unfortunately it dont work brpther, settings lost. Restoring backup. I asked rastigo who said that he already asked many developers but none helped to offer assistance for making the mod. Guess after g2 receive lollipop we might have the mod. But afaik lollipop is far...
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    Post [ mod ] dialers for LG G2 D802

    Pl provide a link for download rastigo. That looks fantastic. Woooooo yeah..... Terrific work. Will it work on stock 20f? I would also request for instructions on how to install.... Am a noob... Hehehe
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    Post [Updated:09/04/2015][5.0.31]Latest LG G3 Keyboard -All G2 Rooted/Unrooted

    What rubbish, the link works absolutely fine. I just downloaded the file. You pc or phone isn't working properly or maybe even your Internet connection. rastigo, thanks for this version. Its nice to receive such timely updates. Pl continue your kind efforts in updating the thread.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][MOD][KitKat] Hid3rs G3 NotiPanel 10/6/14

    Weather would there be any chance of getting this mod for optimus 1.4.1.Its a great mod. Would love to see for optimus 1.4.1
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    Post Searching transparent stock weather widget

    See this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2686936&page=19