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    Thread Battery Saver Status Bar

    Hello everyone I have been looking for the battery saver status bar settings in the AOSP code but I can't find any hint. I want to disable the orange bars which appear when battery saver is on. I have looked in the GravityBox git but I can't find the direct link to the source code. Most of the...
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    Thread [urgent help] permanent no service

    It's been two weeks and it's getting really frustrating now! I can't get my signal, neither on Lineage OS nor in the stock ROM. My IMEI number is still intact. I can't find a modern.bin file in my stock firmware to update my modern but when I flashed my stock firmware,the baseband version got...
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    Thread Modem.bin not found

    I need some help. I want to update my baseband version/modem but I can't find the modern.bin file in the firmware update. I can see all others like system, recovery, shoot.bin etc but I can't find the modem.bin file. Can somebody guide me as to where I can find it P.S. I can't find it online...
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    Thread Network Problems after flashing Lineage OS

    Hey everyone! I had flashed Lineage 14.1 on my Samsung J210F(https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/rom-lineageos-14-1-t3680656/post74433279#post74433279) And everything was working perfectly until I wanted a file from the stock ROM. I flashed the stock ROM and after my work was...
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    Thread Titanium Backup Not Linking Apps to Play Store

    I just wanted to ask if titanium backup links the apps to the play store because I haven't seen a single update of my apps in the last week or so when I flashed a custom ROM. Titanium shows smiley with the m which means that market link is present but I'm doubtful that the apps are actually...
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    Thread Network Help

    Hello everyone! Im facing a lot of problems in getting my mobile data to work after I flashed the Lineage ROM(14.1). My data status says disconnected. I tried tweaking the APN setting but that didnt work. I have attached a a screenshot. I really hope someone can help me out on this
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    Thread Snapchat on Lineage OS

    I am facing a lot of problem logging in to Snapchat after I flashed the Lineage OS(Unofficial) on my Samsung J2 2016. I unrooted and checked through the root checker app to confirm it but Snapchat still says that the login temporarily failed. I ran the SafetyNet Test and it failed. I don't...
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    Thread Dalvik Cache taking too much space

    I am running short of storage on my phone(rooted samsung). I have noticed a significant increase in the dalvik cache as it went from about 500MB to 675MB within a few days. I tried clearing it off multiple times but it doesn't make a difference anymore. What can I do to optimise it? Any way to...
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    Thread Viper4Android shuts down automatically

    Hello everyone I'm facing problems with viper4android. The app just shuts down on its own after I close the music app(when no music is playing) or when I unplug my earphones. I am using only compatible mode as the normal mode doesn't work and just shows Enabled:NO, Processing: NO. It worked with...
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    Thread Changing Screenshot combo

    Hello everyone I am using a rooted Samsung phone running stock Touchwiz ROM. My home button has stopped working and so I'm unable to take screenshots. I tried the assistive touch screenshots feature but it's slow and doesn't work in most cases. I was wondering if I could probably edit the build...
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    Thread [HELP] SD Card Issue

    Hello, I have a Samsung J2 2016 I'm having problems with my SD card. I had enabled adoptable storage on my phone before but I had to factory reset my phone because of Viper for Android causing some issues. After the reset I have been trying for a month to use Root Essentials to get my phone to...
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    Thread [HELP] App disappeared after conversion to system app

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with the Bass Booster app after I made it a system app. I did so through Link2SD. After the conversion, the app just disappeared from the app tray and it was no where to be found. I finally found it in the data folder of my root browser and changed the...
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    Thread Google Assistant Enabler HELP

    Hello XDA members, I have a rooted Samsung J2 2016 and I just cant seem to get the google assistant going for my phone. I have the latest Google app and Google Play Services in beta version. I tried the non rooted way before which just requires the above two but that didnt work for me. Now...
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    Thread [HELP] Bass Loss After Uninstalling Viper4Android

    Hello, I have a rooted Samsung J2 2016. I thought of getting Viper4Android and when I tried to install the drivers it just said drivers installed reboot your phone. I rebooted it 2 times but still it said driver and would ask for permission for updating drivers again. Fed up of this I...