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    Thread Are things like the MsmDownloadTools for OnePlus common for other phones now?

    So I just got a OnePlus 7 Pro after having used Nexus/Pixels for the last 8-9 years. The T-Mobile splash screen on boot convinced me immediately I needed to unlock that bootloader and get to flashing. Long story short, having been out of the loop for a few years at least I managed to royally...
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    Post Ultra hard brick

    For any other forlorn souls who come across this thread, I was experiencing essentially the same bug I think, I'm not really sure what happened (I got up to get a drink), but when I came back to my computer my OnePlus 7 Pro was stuck in a terrifying boot loop while plugged in where all I would...
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    Post Best Skins?

    I have a Toast Made wood skin (actual wood) on my Nexus 6P. Application was very easy, did not require a hair dryer. Fit was effortlessly perfect, and wood side button covers are very nice. They are unfortunately one time use, and a bit pricey, but the feel in the hand is great, and at a little...
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    Post [Q&A] LG G3 Quick Circle case options for 5.0.2??

    Bump, I am also curious. Could anyone explain in Layman's terms what the problem is? I am curious as to whether this is a problem which will be solved once LG releases their official 5.0 builds for the U.S. or if going AOSP essentially means no more Quick Circle case period. I don't mind...