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    Thread Phone suddenly Restarts and Hang

    Currently my phone is on Andriod Revolution HD 17.0, it was running very smoothly for 2wks or so. Suddenly today the screen only shows "samsung galaxy sIII GTi9300" and hangs there. i can go into download mode (vol down + power + home) but cant go into (vol up + power + home) any idea what...
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    Thread what happens to lost phone

    so i was wondering right, with all the security installed on my phone like patern lock etc, will the founder of my phone be able to unlock my phone and use it? sadly i just lost my phone n hopefully the device will just be a brick to him after he switch it off
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    Thread panic!! help unbrick

    i have been doing alot of rom upgrade via clockwork and this is the first time my phone brick. i tried the vol up, vol down and power button at the same time and it just brings me to "vibrant samsung" screen. i also tried removing battery, hold vol up, vol down and insert battery, it goes to a...
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    Thread remove icon in home screen

    is there a way to remove the useless icon in my application page? eg, amazon MP3, all share, gogo, kindle etc?
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    Thread GPS and Internet error

    hie, i've been getting communication error on my web application when i connect to 3G, i am able to connect and chat normally in MSN but unable to browse the internet. i try connecting to wifi, and everything works perfectly. also another problem i have is the GPS, i found the thread GPS...
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    Thread Transfer Contacts from other phone

    is there a way to transfer all my contacts from my HTC diamond 2 to this new Samsung Vibrant? i backup my D2 with PIMbackup
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    Thread FlashPlayer

    i was trying to find which flash player should i install on my mobile to enable me to watch video via mobile internet. i tried using adobe flash player, but it would not install since its a .exe file any recommendation on which flash player should i install on my D2?
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    Thread Alarm Clock

    is there any other alarm program to replace the current alarm? it is quite annoying to set the day since i cant remember what day it is n it doesn't show the day on the main screen. i have to go in calender, n then exit out to clock, alarm i like the auto alarm on certain day, but sometimes i...
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    Thread similar program like "find my iphone"?

    i just read the news that there is a program for iphone, "find my iphone" which enables user to locate where their iphone is. so was wondering is there a similar program like this for win mobile? i do not want to lose my phone for the 2nd time again
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    Thread sending picture via bluetooth

    is there a shortcut to send picture via bluetooth from the album instead of going in to explorer n beam files one by one?
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    Thread HELP, renamed filed!!!

    i was using total command, and i accidentally renamed a folder in HKLM to x could someone be so kind to tell me what is the name of the folder so i can rename it back? in HKLM files that i see is -AudioCompression -ButtonApps -Comm -ControlPanel -Drivers32 -Explorer -ExtModems -HARDWARE -Ident...
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    Thread How to stop gprs connection?

    any idea how to stop gprs connecting automatically? its been happening for 2 days now. when i wake up, i'll see my phone have been on GPRS for 4 hrs... nothing is running in background, no opera, facebook so how do i stop it?
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    Thread uploading photo to facebook?

    have anyone tried to upload photo to facebook? i've tried to install flash player to my phone, but it cannot run. it says this is not a pocket pc application. any idea how to? cheers
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    Thread Icon meaning

    was wondering on the icon beside the signal status, what's the H sign? sometimes it changes from H(white) or H(grey) or G(white) or G(Grey)