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    Post [ROM][WWE][26.02.2010] Miri HD2 WM6.5 (21893) ROM :: V 6.0 [ONLINE]

    Good Work Miri Hey since you're albanian, do you have or can you make a cab for albanian texting (i'm talking about about text predicting of course). Followed you with my HD now will follow you with the HD2.
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    Checkin your phone (signature) Where did you get rom 2.01 wwe ?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] HTC Turkish Update (ROM v1.61)

    woooooooops completely slipped my mind (Garmin runs perfect on this phone/rom)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] HTC Turkish Update (ROM v1.61)

    WWE still Turkish Even though i chose the language English when i first booted the Rom some parts like in homescreen above the calendar is in turkish or a different language. Is it just my flash or do others also have this ?? By the garmin runs perfectly in this phone.
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    Post Duttys HD WM6.5 Leo R5

    Hey Dutty I love your roms man but we're ready for an upgrade (LEO), there are others out there but your's are the best like always
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    Post B [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯6.5|21916/ 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    Latest Rom Problems I'm facing 1- Soft Buttons (home button doesn't work) 2- Battery Doesn't last long 3- When I set my contacts with facebook they work at first but then later my contacts have different pictures by their names
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    Post [ROM][WWE][26.02.2010] Miri WM 6.5 21893 :: V 38.0 [DISCONTINUED]

    hallall Miro se dija qe ishe shqiptar, Keep up the good work man, now i'm definitely trying out one of your roms but see if you can make HD2 version for the HD
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    Post [ROM] [Aug 9] [Dutty's WM6.5 Leo R1 Test] [CE OS 5.2.23008] ]CHANGELOG 1-5][RELEASE]

    X button missing the only way to close apps is if i open task manager (R8 has more bugs than R7) from my testings. Keep up the good work Dutty your work is always appreciated no matter what.
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    Post Apps/Games to present the HD

    Connection Fee ??? O no that would cost me an arm and a leg. I have no connection data plan. Everytime a new rom comes by (Dutty's 2.1extreme) i install the No Data cab or some other program to disable Data. I use the good old free Wifi. lucky me i've had a free wifi connection every where I...
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    Post Apps/Games to present the HD

    ex Iphone 2g and 3g user, current Raphael (Fuze) and HD user One of the best apps for the HD so far for me other than Garmin GPS is Sling Player. It allows you to watch tv live on your phone and of course with the ability to change the channels. Now an Iphone user would argue that they have ORB...
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    Post [ROM][WWE][Mar 3]Dutty's HD V2.1 XTREME [5.2.21017.1.6.0.]Test4

    No Vibration when receiving tex mesages Is it a faulty in the Rom or is there a way to activate Vibration because when I receive txts my phone doesn't vibrate when its on vibrate mode
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    Post [Jan 17] Duttys HD V1.7[WWE|GER|FRE|ITA|NLD][ChangeLog & FAQ Post 2][5.2.20769.1.4.5]

    i cant seem to download the opera flash support add on on duttys website after i have registered with them the links are dead i think
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    Post [ROM][Kitchen][Nov 17] kwbr HD 5.7 :: Sense :: Manila :: Titanium :: 23148 :: 21914

    Great work This is the best rom out there considering the aplications, speed and long BATTERY life. To the creator(s) of the rom please keep this rom alive and keep the improvements coming.
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    Post [Jan 28] L26_THDV7.3_WWE [Discontinued] [CE OS 5.2.20769.1.4.5, IE6/Youtube]

    But there is still no flash support on other websites correct ? The youtube application is much better than youtube in opera or ie
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    Post [ROM][Kitchen][Nov 17] kwbr HD 5.7 :: Sense :: Manila :: Titanium :: 23148 :: 21914

    Super Fast and Solid Wow this rom ver. is amazingly fast, smoothe, and solid. (and I downloaded the full version) I'm also happy to report that sling media player on HD is flawless and beautiful on the big screen keep up the good work
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    Post Blackstone tweaks

    the link does not work
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    Thread Aplications the Blackstone Needs...

    The phone has so many capabilities and there are many aplications in which the HD needs. 1. Installer like program (maybe connected to xda providing downloads) 2. ORB Live (you can run it from explorer but it's so laggish) Any other ideas...