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    Thread X96 Amlogic S905X tv box

    Recently i purchased one of these. tv box. But the item do not have a notification bar. Anyone knows how to get it? And it didnt let me change to stock launcher so i installed google m launcher. but still no notification bar.
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    Thread [Q] usb keyboard as joypad..

    hello everone. my name is deniz. i have a question for you. i have an android tv box that i use on my tv and i want to play asphalt 8 but i dont have a joypad or joystick. is there an app or a way to bind my keyboard keys to work as joypad keys for exemple KEYS wasd to dpad, KEYS 1- 2- 3-...
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    Thread group sms

    hi im looking for an app that can send sms to a contct group. standart group sms is limited to 20 ppl but i want to send 100-150 bulk sms to a group.. i ve tryed group sms app and group sms texter app but i need to make a group manually for that..
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    Thread [Q] a weird one about csc

    hi i have a noob question i ve flash my phone recently to 2.3.6 but i wanna add different csc 1. can i flash only csc to my phone via odin? 2. there isn't csc for my country for 5830 is there any chance to flash a csc made for 5660 to my 5830?? thanks for yor help in advance..