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  1. ic3cub3

    Thread Google Account - Googlefier

    So I have discovered something small but which might help others smarter than me. I have the international version which of course - fails to install GMS with Googlefier. Mostly i`ve seen that after adding the account, it disappears after i uninstall MicroG which is com.google.android.gms ...
  2. ic3cub3

    Thread Camera APK

    Can someone post the apk for G7's camera ? Thank You !
  3. ic3cub3

    Thread [Help]Camera Failed

    Hello Guys, yesterday i decided to root my phone due to battery issues (lasts one day). Rooted the phone,flashed 4,3 rom and i discovered that camera does not work: "Camera Failed" message Tried different 4.3 roms and other kernels nothing works,same error message. Also enter diagnostics menu...