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  1. joschi70

    Thread [APP] WSMirror - Web Screen Mirror

    WSMirror is a small app that mirrors the device screen and displays it within a web browser. This can be handy for presentations or talks to present the device screen to a larger audience. The app uses the MediaProjection API available since Android Lollipop (5.x). So the app will only work on...
  2. joschi70

    Thread [APP] WearShell

    Having a LG G Watch for a while I thought that it would be interesting to run code directly on the watch without having to create an APK. Sometimes I just wanted to run some code snippets on the watch and view the result instantly. Creating a complete project, compiling and deploying the APK on...
  3. joschi70

    Thread [APP] X-Link - Zero Setup File Transfer

    The app I would like to present is called X-Link and is intended to make file transfers between devices (Android or PC) easy. It's using multicasts to find other clients within the same WiFi network. So no setup ist needed. In addition to the Android app there is also a Java based PC client...