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  1. xdvs23

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][18/08] halogenOS 8.1 for OnePlus 5

    Android, Reimagined. For the best experience, view the thread on a web browser like Chromium or Firefox. Desktop: Brilliant. Mobile: Good. Tapatalk: OK. XDA-Labs: Horrible. /* * The modifications performed to your device are *...
  2. xdvs23

    Thread [ONEPLUS 5] The problem with collaborative projects and what I think about it

    Before I start saying anything and before anyone starts ranting or fighting or whatever I want to make one thing crispy clear: I don't want, under any circumstances, to fight or argue in any way with other developers, contributors, users, whatsoever nor do I want to claim anything as correct. I...
  3. xdvs23

    Thread [MODIFIED][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.2.1 for OnePlus 5 [OSS Clang Kernel][Enhancements]

    UNOFFICIAL TWRP 3.2.1 (modified) for OnePlus 5 If you don't know how to return back to a working state if something is broken, please think twice before flashing this. Everything seems to be working so far, if not, please report to me! Warning: Make sure you make a backup of all your...
  4. xdvs23

    Thread How to backup compressed data from your android device to your computer

    Disclaimer Whatever you do, it's your decision and you do it on your own risk! I am not responsible for bricks, any kind of damages, data loss or any other unwanted result! Everything you do is done on YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY! And I am also not responsible if you lose the chat with your crush...
  5. xdvs23

    Thread [Kernel][CM/CAF][OC/UC] BlueBerry Kernel [OP2][v1.4]

    BlueBerry Kernel for OnePlus 2 Based on benschhold's custom kernel Disclaimer YOU are doing this modifications to your device. YOU take the full responsibility for whatever you do with your device. I am NOT responsible, nor will I provide any support if your device gets any damage by...
  6. xdvs23

    Thread [THEME][CM/OMS/RRO] BluEmerald

    BluEmerald A blue, flat and beautiful theme It is open source! This theme is compatible with CyanogenMod Theme Engine, Substratum and also with Layers if you use the Substratum Manager, which converts the Substratum theme into Layers and installs it. Screenshots Themed apps...
  7. xdvs23

    Thread [APP][BETA][4.0.3+] Cornowser

    Cornowser It is intended to be a fast, modern and inituitive browser. A free, open source and cool browser! The browser itself is ad-free and doesn't have any pro version. Cornowser can be installed on Android 4.0.3 and above. But you may experience bugs/crashes if you use it in...
  8. xdvs23

    Thread [Resolved] Why does WhatsApp disappear after every reboot?

    My device has 16 GB storage, ~4 GB of internal storage (/data) and ~10 GB of phone storage (/storage/sdcard0, FAT) and is rooted. I am still stuck at Android 4.4.2 because I have a MediaTek device (MT6592). You ask me why I have more internal storage than usual? Well, I modified EBR1&EBR2 to get...