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  1. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Deleted due to copy right issue from author

    Deleted due to copyright issue from the author. They ask to join qq group. https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=80459747&postcount=44
  2. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Bootloader Unlock Code AVAILABLE NOW!

    Huawei / Honor Bootloader Unlock Code is now available! On funckyhuawei! Its time to get the root! ---------------------------------------- I cannot find the RAMDISK.IMG in UPDATE.APP which means I have no idea how to add magisk support for it. anybody help...
  3. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Huawei Mate 9 Pro Kernel Source

    Hello all, I just found that Huawei has already opensourced the kernel for Mate 9 pro. I uploaded it on github. Hope we will get Lineage OS soon! https://github.com/RHIT-ZacharyZhang/LON-NG_EMUI5.0_opensource
  4. zhangyang_haha

    Thread will RomAur support Huawei Mate 9 Pro?

    Two devices are almost the same.....Really hope RomAur can support Mate 9 Pro:highfive:
  5. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Mate 9 pro screen broken......Anybody know where can I fix it?

    Since it is using Hyperbolic screen, its pretty hard for me to repair it. I really cannot find anywhere that I can but a oem screen for Mate 9 Pro. Therefore, I'm just wondering if there is any HuaWei OFFICIAL repair service in US....... I would be REALLY REALLY appreciate if somebody can give...
  6. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [ROM][MM][BETA] MIUI 8 for Xperia Z5 Series (Single/Dual) v2.0

    Topic : Disclamer * WARNING! * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research * if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! * YOU are...
  7. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Flyme OS5 base_cm build instruciton

    Feel free to PM me if you are interested in being an official FlymeOS developer.:D File Contents 1. Preparations 2 1.1 System Environment 2 1.2 Development Environment 2 1.3 Downloading the base_cm 3 2. Model Adaptation 3 2.1 Prerequisites 3 2.1.1 Flashing the cm and SuperSu 3 2.1.2...
  8. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Want to be a romer? Flyme_base_cm build instruction

    File Contents 1. Preparations 2 1.1 System Environment 2 1.2 Development Environment 2 1.3 Downloading the base_cm 3 2. Model Adaptation 3 2.1 Prerequisites 3 2.1.1 Flashing the cm and SuperSu 3 2.1.2 Initializing the Compilation Environment 4 2.1.3 Creating the Model Directory 4 2.2...
  9. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Update Bug list]Ready for MIUI 8? YES! Almost working!

    Working on MIUI8 for xperia Z5. Most of things worked. will be released no more than 2 weeks. Just wait for MIUI to make the code mire stable.:D:D:D Based on official 32.2.A.0.253 What's Working: Fingerprint APN Network Camera NFC SD Card Not Working: Bluetooth, will be fixed soon No FC...
  10. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Zachary] FlymeOS5 for Xperia Z5

    Flyme OS for Xperia Z5 bugs: Camera not working (due to the bug of official Sony AOSP and I do not know how to fix. if anybody knows, PLZ contact me!) NFC not working (Maybe fixed in the next version) Fingerprint (Flyme Does not support fingerprint in patchrom) you tell me...
  11. zhangyang_haha

    Thread CHEERS! MIUI7 is HERE!

    Cheers! MIUI7 is HERE!!:highfive::highfive: bugs: no active display you tell me:laugh: download link: https://mega.nz/#!pJIglaAZ!I_PlI_3yxQbh_jQiw2gdTOeG7JJZmeaeSNxZ3oxcFqo XDA:DevDB Information MIUI7, ROM for the Moto X 2014 Contributors zhangyang_haha, MIUI Source Code...
  12. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Zachary][30/11]NFC FIXED!! Flyme OS based on 5.1.1

    Hello Everybody. I'm back! This time, I updated the FlymeOS to the latest source which is The big news is that, Its based on the latest snapshot of CM12.1 which is android 5.1.1!!!:laugh: LOG: 1: Updated Flyme to 2: Updated android version to CM12.1 3: NFC FIXED...
  13. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Zachary]【09/18】FLYME Updated!! Many bugs FIXED!

    Now I have updated Flyme OS to the newest version which is It is still based on 5.0.2 since I really cannot figure out how to solve the problems in 5.1.1. However, many bugs was fixed. Bugs fixed in this version: 1: dynamic blur fixed!!!!! 2: navigation bar fixed !!! now we have...
  14. zhangyang_haha

    Thread MIUI V6 for Xperia Z1

    Finally, MIUI V6 is here. The same flashing method as MIUI V5, support unlocked bootloader and locked bootloader:D Bugs for all third party MIUI V6: 1: Some themes will cause the crash of the Home. Just use the stock theme, it is beautiful 2: Video will FC 3:cannot loader phonebook from sim...
  15. zhangyang_haha

    Thread MIUI V6 patchrom for MOTO X 2014

    Actually I have started patchroming MIUI V6. However, I cannot do it by myself. I hope some of you guys could help me finish that. This is my workspace for MOTO X 2014 https://mega.nz/#!UUpWmIZJ!LEOPcEHFLRqFi9FJtYBOxa1Pre6T5-LOobQxdCP423o I really hope you can help me to finish that...
  16. zhangyang_haha

    Thread MIUI V6 patchrom for MOTO X 2014

    Hello guys, MIUI V6 is currently available for buiilding. Therefore, I am starting the project which need people to help us finding out how to build that on MOTO X 2014 based on the stock MOTO rom. XDA:DevDB Information MIUI V6 for MOTO X 2014, ROM for the Moto X 2014 Contributors...
  17. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Warning!

    Some people said that you can update your lovely device to the Chinese firmware version. That is true! It works. However, motorola updated the bootloader version for the Chinese firmware. If can never downgraded to the original 5.0 for XT1095 or others because the bootloader does not support...
  18. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Q] What is the model of Moto X (2nd Gen.) with Net10?

    Is that xt1097, xt1095 or 1093? Really confused about that. Does anyone help me figure that out?:confused::confused::confused:
  19. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Unofficial][03/12 updated][Lollipop]MokeeOpenSource5.0.1 for Honami

    03/12 updated log code updated to 5.0.1:laugh: bugs........not work on that yet. will do maybe will do that this weekend....:crying::crying::crying: Bugs now: wifi(I don't know why........I will try to fix it later. Wifi works last time. When I updated the source.......it broke...:crying: It is...
  20. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Unofficial][03/12 updated to 5.0.1][Lollipop] CM12 for honami

    03/12 update log: updated source to 5.0.1 I will fix the bugs this weekend Bugs now: camera not work mobile hotspot not work Mic(Thanks to WujekT) you tell me works now: data wifi brightness bluetooth bluetooth shared network others some screenshoots here...
  21. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [weekly] MIUI for honami( all models!! ) 4.4.4 (both locked and unlocked ! )

    MIUI 4.4.4 for honami plz use TWRP to flash this rom Now you can use any kernel, to flash this rom ROM is here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5MRVwdP759_bFRHZnFDcXE1UUU/edit?usp=sharing the original thread is http://www.miui.com/thread-1913837-1-1.html if you want to...
  22. zhangyang_haha

    Thread MIUIV5-For-Z1/L39h/C6903/C6903/C6906/C6943

    【Xperia Z1/L39h/C6903/C6903/C6906/C6943】 Patchrom MIUI from open source based on the official 14.3.A.0.761. Because there are many bugs if we use 4.4.4, we can just use 4.4.2. It contains kernel in the ROM. Therefore, you do not need to flash the kernel again...
  23. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Can anyone build a pure AOSP for Z1?

    Need 4.4.2. :(:(:( I tried to build it but failed I need AOSP 4.4.2 to build MIUI 4.4 , There are so many rejects to patch if I use Official 4.4.4, 4.4.2 or CM. HELLLLLLLLP!:crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:
  24. zhangyang_haha

    Thread Some Problems with transparent widget. On-off tools

    I used PS to make the On-Off tools to be transparent in the preview......However, when I add the widget to the Home, it's not transparent.:mad::mad::mad: I don't know why.... the picture is here This is the apk that I modify
  25. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Unofficial]MoKee OpenSource 43.1 For MileStone2 Released 2013.11.06

    ======================================================================================================== MoKee OpenSource 43.1 For MileStone2 Released...
  26. zhangyang_haha

    Thread I' now working on MIUI V5 patchrom, support me??

    It is really hard!!! so many errors in patchroming !!!!!!!:crying::crying::crying:
  27. zhangyang_haha

    Thread [Q] Does photon Q have ?

    :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:I want to port MIUI V5, but failed..........I wonder that if there is a MIUI V5 for PHOTON Q?
  28. zhangyang_haha

    Thread OH!! I'm the new!

    Hello! I come from china, I'm ahigh school student. I used to use milestone 2 for a long time. I port many roms for me722. Therefore, I want to port roms for droid4. Mayby mokee open source ? OR MIUIV5?? :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: That's an amazing thing, right? just wait. All...