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    Thread HTC First Discontinued

    According to BGR, the First is about to be discontinued: http://bgr.com/2013/05/13/htc-first-discontinued-att-facebook-phone/ I love the First, it's a great size that can be used one-handed, it has stock Android, and the battery life is amazing. But I've held off buying one because I want to...
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    Thread [Q] Serious problem with Touchpad 'SD Card' -corrupted

    I've been running CM9 on my Touchpad. Today CM9 is unable to see the 'SD Card' and WebOS is unable to boot. Safe to assume the internal flash memory is corrupted. From ClockworkMod I CAN see the data on the internal storage, and I CAN mount the USB storage. I reverted to CM7 hoping that...
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    Thread [Q] CM7 Notification Pulldown and Power Widget look like crap

    I loved the notification power widget in CM6.1, but it looks awful after installing CM7. Is there anyway to get rid of the white/light-grey background? See attached screen shot. Thanks.