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    Post [ROM][ICS][10/7][Neo V/L]Revolution ICS HD™[build 8][RESSURECTION]|Z-Styled||

    an amazing rom, prety good ui, but got a litle problem,. i think something wrong on aroma,. i flashed it 3 times and chose xperia neo but still got arc s build prop, so i got screen rotation problem and led on button are too bright try to fix it with patch from pureness,. still doesnt work...
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    Post [Port][Neo/V/L][.587]Jelly sandwich 6.2.5[Fastest! Super Modded!][04/10]

    hi DJ, thanks for a great rom,. i got a litle error,. when i tried to create 2nd partition of link2sd i got "mount script error"
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    Post [ROM][MIUIV4 2.8.3 For Lock/Unlock][Xperia S Home,Keyboard & On Screen Button]

    everything is work fine on me,. smooth, n i love walkman player, keep it up bro,
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    Post [Discontinued][ROM]Xperia Pureness[Build 14 SP1][ICS 4.0.4][Neo][11.26][BOTH BL]

    hi mate, thanks for the great rom, i face a litle problem when i would create mount script on link2sd it says that "mount script error" anyone face the same?
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    Post [ROM][MIUIV4 2.8.3 For Lock/Unlock][Xperia S Home,Keyboard & On Screen Button]

    i've tried it,. its faster n smoother than miui rom that i've used before would use it for my daily use,. cause it has good ui n performance to. btw, there is no google apps such as playstore, gtalk, mail,. can you add it mate,.
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    Post [ROM][MIUIV4 2.8.3 For Lock/Unlock][Xperia S Home,Keyboard & On Screen Button]

    soooo niceee, a good news for locked bootloader user. thanks mate,.
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    Post [ROM][GB\ICS][3/Apr/14] MIUI2\MIUI4 NEO/L Aroma [2.4.20 v4.7.2\3.2.22 Multi-Lang]

    i'm on miui 2.6.16 with suave kernel, then i flashed 2.6.22 OTA i got bootloop i've done a wipe chace n davlik, anyone face the same?
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    yeeaaahhh,. its awesome,
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    thanks a lot, i'll try it
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    yes i have neo, could you tell how to fix it? thanks before
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    damn :(:( otherwise, i can extract the zip file properly on my pc i dont know why,. ill try to redownload it,. :)
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    i got "installation aborted" on cwm, i use kernel that included in zip should i redownload this rom?
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    Post MIUIv4 (ICS) MultiLang 3.2.22 NeoV/Neo

    setting-- complete setting-- on device menu, then chose LED ---------- Post added at 11:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:09 AM ---------- thanks mate, hope zdune will edit the page one thanks z25, its awesome rom keep up,.
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    Post [ROM 2.3.7] Joy OS v1.2.2 - ASIS (MT11i)

    it has 230 mb of free ram, its aawesome for me,.
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    Post [ROM 2.3.7] Joy OS v1.2.2 - ASIS (MT11i)

    so your status bar isnt update?
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    Post [ROM 2.3.7] Joy OS v1.2.2 - ASIS (MT11i)

    work fine on me, install rom, boot reboot to recovery install update ---------- Post added at 01:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 PM ---------- UP +1 i've tried both, mokee os n joy os they both is awesome, but the UI of joy os is better one hope you'll make patch for neo too...
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    Post ROM&Kernel for GTA 3

    i use KA n its work fine, try to use Rom Tool box pro then optimalize the rom
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    Post My ram seems 210 mb after flash why?

    my friends neo has that same problem, then after installed another rom its being correct
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    Post [Q] Xperia Neo V Brightness reduced

    if you want to update to ics 404, root your phone on 403 first, n then update to 404
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    Post [Q] I have a big problem with my Xperia Neo

    try to flash a new stock rom via flashtool
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    Post Please can someone tell me how to do a macro picture with xperia neo v

    try to use 3rd party app such as camera 360,
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    Post [Q] [Help] bootloop in Xperia Neo V.

    try to reflash the rom ---------- Post added at 11:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:23 AM ---------- dont forget to wipe the phone before flash the new one
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    Post How to Root Neo 4.0.4?

    try to root on 403 then flashed to 404 without wipe,. hope its work
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    Post [Q] bricked xperia neo v......... please help to unbrick

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1598160 try this one dude hope it would help you
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    Thread [q] can we use cm7 patch neo for joy os

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1686041 joy os is realy awesome rom, its very smooth n light we can have 230 mb of free ram its UI is awesome too but we (neo user) need a patch to fix the camera :( its based on cm 7, can we apply the patch from cm7, n where i can the...
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    Post ROOT Xperia NEO / NEO V4.0.4

    you can root on 403 then flash 404 without wipe, CMIIW
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    Post NOVA 3 Available on Market

    i'd love this game, thanks mate