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    Thread Note 20 Wireless Charging Not Working When Phone Is Powered Off

    Just as the title states, my Note 20 (T-Mobile US) wireless charging is not working when the phone is powered off. Once I turn on the phone, it works fine. My Note 10+ 5G, also a T-Mobile branded phone, wireless charging works just fine, whether it's powered on or off. I've tried with &...

    Thread DEX On Z-Flip 5G?

    The original Flip did not have Samsung DEX installed when released (not sure if that's been updated). Can someone verify whether or not this phone, the Z-Flip 5G, has it on-board?

    Thread [GUIDE/ADB] OPPO FIND X System Apps Safe To Uninstall/Disable Without Root

    THIS TUTORIAL IS GEARED TOWARDS THOSE THAT HAVE THE VERSION OF THE PHONE WITH CHINESE FIRMWARE,MAY BE USED AS A GENERAL GUIDE FOR OTHER VERSIONS. The subject of app/bloatware removal/disabling has been mentioned in a few threads throughout the Oppo Find X forum,so,I thought I'd start a thread...

    Thread OPPO FIND X Case Thread

    As with most phones that aren't from companies located in Cupertino or Korea,accessories in general,especially those specific to this phone,will be sparse at best. To make things easier for all here,thought I'd start a case thread,hoping all who have this phone will post a link/pics of what they...

    Thread [GUIDE] VIVO NEX S/A Apps Safe To Uninstall/Disable Without Root

    The subject of app/bloatware removal/disabling has been mentioned in a few threads throughout the NEX forum,but,not much to mention as far as advancing the discussion,so,I thought I'd start a thread to centralize the topic. As w/any mods go,this is one that's fairly harmless,worse case...

    Thread [TIP] Immersive Mode for Navigation Buttons

    Prefer the navigation buttons but,wish you could hide them all,or,on a per-app basis ? (no such animal on this phone as-is,unlike LG's,one of the nice touches LG pulls off flawlessly) There's a few apps in the Google Play Store that do just this & no root required. I'm using this one,but,have...

    Thread Mi 8/Explorer Edition/SE QI Charging On-Board?

    As the thread title asks,any hint of QI Charging on any of the Mi 8 models? https://www.mi.com/mi8/specs/ No mention of it on the above link as best as I can tell from Google Translate,but,it is from opening day (5/31),so,I'm hoping that's it simply been an oversight & QI Charging is available...

    Thread Sony Xperia XZ2/Compact Cases

    Some decent case options are beginning to show up on eBay & Mobile Fun. I've got 3 relatively inexpensive ones on the way from various eBayers, two clear & one a Matte Green, to match up with my phone color choice...

    Thread [TIP] Immersive Mode: No Root Required

    Take full advantage of the display with enabling Immersive Mode on a per-app basis,by using ADB commands w/this app,NO ROOT REQUIRED! :good: (others are available,look around in the Google Play Store/APK Mirror/F-Droid/etc. for your app of choice)...

    Thread AdHell App [Ad Blocker & Package Disabler]

    AdHell (Ad Blocker & Package Disabler) ,a gem of an app,appeared a month or so ago & works quite well on the Note FE: https://www.xda-developers.com/adhell-is-a-free-open-source-ad-blocker-with-package-disabler-for-samsung-devices/ https://getadhell.com/ This has the same basic functionality...

    Thread Camera Crashes

    I do not use my camera a lot, so, I can't 100% pinpoint when it broke (force closes/crashes/will not open). I did recently flash a decrypt .img & immediately made a full backup & it's also broke in the earliest backup I could make. I'm hoping installing the stock camera .apk will remedy this...

    Thread OEM (& Licensed) LG V20 Cases

    While this thread is geared towards OEM LG Items,feel free to post others here as well. Found these earlier today,I ordered the Quick View Case in Titanium Black: https://youtu.be/j9giFlvON3g...

    Thread LG V 20 Spare Battery Kit (BCK-5200)

    The spare battery kit is now available,hopefully it'll be a promo item on launch day: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LG-V20-Battery-Charging-KIT-Charger-3200mAh-Battery-Case-BCK-5200-Cradle-/182303132805?hash=item2a721d0c85:g:Hj8AAOSwCGVX9Jnk

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

    EvolutiveLabs is currently experimenting with a design for a RhinoShield case (presumably a backless bumper case). A RhinoShield case will be made for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We are experimenting on a new design for this device. If you are interested in knowing more, please do subscribe...