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  1. Vanto

    Thread SM-G955FD no Torch/Flashlight after Oreo update

    Samsung Galaxy S8 + As the title says! Tried literally everything!! Did it by the book, regular update via Odin, rooting, various custom roms! Original Samsung’s firmwares (CRB7, CRC7 and latest CRD7) does NOT help. No luck ... special applications for flash light doesn't help!? Only thing...
  2. Vanto

    Thread SM-G955FD no Torch/Flashlight after Oreo update

    Correct thread
  3. Vanto

    Thread CASES-SKINS for our beloved T-PRIME ?

    Anyone with any experience skindigitalstore.com They offer quite cheap and post it around the world for easy $ Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Vanto

    Thread [Q] SamFirmware ... Odex or De-Odex

    SamFirmware :) Ok, we've all heard and using it but I've never understand (excuse my ignorance for not being able to find the info here) R they provide us Odexed or De-Oexed firmwares for Galaxy-S ?