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    Thread [GUIDE/TA-1053] Downgrade from OFFICIAL Oreo to Nougat for Bootloader unlock

    Download december update: https://yadi.sk/d/jfyLmpFH3Qomg8 Download the other file from the other guide: https://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4412393&d=1518018992 Enter recovery mode (best practice when phone is turned off with charger inserted),keep pressed volume up...
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    Thread [ROM][OP2] Sailfish OS - 07.06.2019

    Hi everyone, Current release: Prebeta 3 (Stable) - Sailfish OS DOWNLOAD: -CM-13: Use this version - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B34Kseus4HL2WW1lYVktOUkzMFU -Sailfish OS: Download latest public release from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B34Kseus4HL2SEkxdHpHd0VZRFE How to...
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    Thread Huawei G7 bootloader unlock

    Go to http://www.emui.com/plugin.php?id=unlock&mod=detail Create account, press the green lock button in case it doesn't direct your to this page: After unlock code generated, just restart in fastboot and: fastboot oem unlock <<generated unlock code>> Congrats you unlocked your bootloader...
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    Thread [I9505] Ubuntu Touch Development

    Ok guys, starting this theard also to find other devs that also are working on porting ubuntu touch to the same device and buildup a team, anyone interested? So my 1st try was when CM wasn't final release and got stuck at boot, i could connect with adb, but i only got displayed ubuntu and...
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    Thread [WIP/DEV Only] Ubuntu Touch on Nexus S

    This topic is for developers and future testers, we are at least 3-4 people that try to boot Ubuntu Touch on Nexus S. Joint work would be better, don't you think? IRC Channel: irc.androidirc.com #ubuntu-touch-crespo Mibbit...
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    Thread jtag error

    Open serial port...OK Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK Firmware Version: 1.30, JTAG Manager Version: 1.38 Selected Resurrector: [Toshiba TG01] Connecting to the dead body...ERROR Set I/O Voltage reads as 2.61V, TCK Frequency is RTCK Model selected: TOSHIBA - Toshiba TG01 ERROR: The RTCK Signal...
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    Thread Multitouch alternative drivers

    well there are still some wp7 phones that have two finger multitouch one of them is LG Optimus 7 if you know others please post them here :)
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    Thread [PRJ]Toshiba TG01 Linux Kernel side development

    I guess we need a place to continue development on the kernel, gonna clone Markinus kernel soon :) edit: or maybe start from scratch with latest kernel version Edit: a new test build uped by tailormoon: http://depositfiles.com/files/7xbbcwk5o Website: http://toshdevs.nyl.ro/ list of known...
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    Thread chevron doesn't detect my hd2 to unlock

    for some unknown reason chevron unlock app doesn't detect my phone usb port even tough developer tools and zune does if anyone in here has any clue please tell
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    Thread [PRJ] Kubuntu Mobile [Experimental]

    IN THE WORKS STATUS: ============================================================================ [3:11 AM | 6/1/2011] - Kubuntu Mobile booted till cursor then got into shell asking for login o_O ============================================================================ [2:54 AM |...
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    Thread [ROM][NAND/SD] ToshDroid - Ice Cream Sandwich

    Ice Cream Sandwich is the new goal, I think we should start working more on it :) Kernel GIT: https://github.com/nyl/Tsunagi
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    Thread [PRJ] TG01 Ubuntu v0.1 (Alpha) [4/1/2011] DOWNLOAD INSIDE

    So i started documenting on Ubuntu porting to see what i can do For now.... ====================================[4/1/2011]==================================== - Screen is now working how it should :) (If you still have problems with the screen...
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    Thread [PORT] ReactOS on TG01?

    Just found out that they also port the OS to ARM, looks kinda cool to have a Windows alternative for TG01 http://reactos.info/wiki/ARM_Port