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  1. zantekk

    Thread I'm willing to buy one...

    Hey guys, soon I will get a new phone from my contract and did very intense researches which one to get. I'm still struggeling to make a choice because I read so many different things. My choices with Pros and Cons from what I heared/read: 1. HTC 10 (my favourite for now): + Brilliant...
  2. zantekk

    Thread [DEV][WiP][Python3] AndroPy - Library - It's like chatting with your phone!

    AndroPy a python3 library to communicate with your phone INTRODUCTION FEATURES EXAMPLES Install adb via installer.py on Linux 64-bit machines Show content of /sdcard import andropy with andropy.ADBInterface() as ai: print(ai.exec_shell_cmd("ls /sdcard/")) Get...
  3. zantekk

    Thread Problem with flashing & booting recovery? Go here!

    Hey guys, when I tried flashing CWM on my new HTC One it just booted in normal mode over and over. I tried every recovery-image available and it nerver worked. While playing around I finally got it working without flashing the recovery image to the boot partition! No need to copy root files...
  4. zantekk

    Thread [ROM][EMA2][07-02-13] zMOD v1 - Unleash the beast!

  5. zantekk

    Thread [ROM][XILA2][OTA][4. FEB] zMod - NORA Vol. 1 Final is alive! - N.E.A.K. 1.3.3!

    Welcome to zMod! Made in Germany ----------------------------------- I first created this ROM for myself because there are so many ROMs out there but none of them is the perfect one for me. The idea behind this ROM is to stay as near as possible to Stock but with maximum performance and...
  6. zantekk

    Thread [Q] GO SMS recover problem

    Hey guys, I've got a big problem. I performed a sms-backup with the integrated backup-tool from GO SMS. I chose XML as filetype. Now, if I want to recover them, it stops at 290/786 ~500 SMS are missing. It doesn't do anything. just stops. need your help :(
  7. zantekk

    Thread The HTC Desire HD Filebase

    Hey, I just want to let you guys to know that I've created a filebase for Desire HD files. I upload as much as I can and try to be always up to date. If anyone has got proposals to improve the site, just post into this thread. :) It's not all done but I think the most important files are...
  8. zantekk

    Thread [Q] MetaSquares

    Does anybody know the game MetaSquares for iPhone? http://www.appsafari.com/games/2497/metasquares/ Are there any alternatives for Android or is there a developer out there who wants to port it? :)
  9. zantekk

    Thread typez - Typo-Iconset

    I was looking for a nice typo-iconset but I didn't find one. So I created some :) Icons: 33 have fun.