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    Post [FIRMWARE] OnePlus 8T [kebab][Monthly Update!]

    Taken from OP "Xiaomi flashable firmware" so this bricks the phone?
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    Post ROM[OFFICIAL][kebab][11.0]**crDroid**[V7.8]

    How do you install this? ROMinstaller is broken, first it install recovery, then reboots to fastbootd and hangs as in waiting for device forever, if i reboot to bootloader it tries to flash but it stops cause it is missing partitions. If i try and sideload the zip...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][kebab][11] LineageOS 18.1

    There is a problem with the button sides, you cant press buttons down there. mid is fine just the sides.
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    Post [ROM] [11] [UNOFFICIAL] [OnePlus 8T] [EVOLUTION-X] [AOSP] [03/27/2021]

    Nice and polite i like it, normaly when i say AFH is slow it is my own damn fault :D
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    Post ROM[OFFICIAL][avicii][11.0]**crDroid**[V7.0]

    Perfect release so far only problem i had was with a faulty gapps zip with Vanced Youtube which caused a bootloop after i tried and removing it. OP should be proud of this release for sure best android 11 custom rom for our device IMO.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 [OnePlus Nord/avicii]

    Awesome work, banking apps work with magisk no bugs so far after a few hours of use 👍
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 [OnePlus Nord/avicii]

    Nice been waiting for a new los 17.1 crossing my fingers for working banking apps trying it later. Edit:forgot to ask what about gapps Edit2: must be cause it is earlig but what gapps do i pick pico? What is recommended?
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    Post ROM[OFFICIAL][avicii][10.0]**crDroid**[V6.12]11-11-20

    Safety Net and magisk or just Banking apps without magisk not working, Pixel Experience got banking apps working fine. Maybe something you can fix?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11][OnePlus Nord/avicii] Pixel Experience [AOSP]

    Anyone else with camera issues? When i change settings it force close and cant open before data and cache is cleared
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    Post Android 11 beta

    I took the leap and installed the beta, banking apps work and NemID too(danish social security app) so any danes that wanna try out the beta can too.
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    Post Android 11 beta

    A good questien is - does banks apps work or not? i am waiting for the unlock to complete and was wondering if bank apps work kinda a big big for me usual the betas from samsung got bank apps working and i need to ask the same here.
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    Post Mi 10 EEA MIUI12 OUT!

    Same here just as i was thinking of doing miui 11 update i got the miui 12 update instead
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    Thread V11.0.18.0.qjbeuxm

    New version of miui 11 V11.0.18.0.QJBEUXM EEA But only fastboot, can i install this without bootloader unlocked?
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    Post Forums dead?

    Don't worry news will come soon
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    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for Mix 3 5G [andromeda]

    Thank you i will just try and se if it works then.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for Mix 3 5G [andromeda]

    Any news on this? Banking apps working now? Maybe getting this phone and i wanna know if banking apps work on custom rom.
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    Post Built in system app advertisements

    NEE region atf5 firmware No ads anywhere
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    Post Galaxy S20 has the worst AMOLED panel since the S8

    People like you should not get new phones you break it before time is. I dont have any issues with the phones i have at all, and btw you are lucky it is only 900€ i pay almost twice that cause of taxes.
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    Post Not getting OTA updates despite vaild CSC

    I use Frija and odin else i would be on android 9, my csc is still nee even through i flash dbt, just dont wipe use HOME_CSC_OXM
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    Post Oneplus 7T Oxygen OS 10.0.9HD65AA

    Any news on EU update?
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    Post How to disable system auto update?

    Wish i could activate updates
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    Post [FUBD] OFFICIAL STOCK FW-update (Odin) thread (25 Feb 21) GALAXY Note10+ SM-N975F/DS

    Nice i have to update from this thread instead of ota, ota delivers 0 updates from oktober to now
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    Post Adaptive brightness.

    Nothing changed in this update, infact this update is broken, i lose connection all the time and some calls cant get through, i have been forced to go back to 9.5.10
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    Post [DISCONTINUED - Use LOS official][UNOFFICIAL][20190706] LineageOS 16 Oneplus 7 Pro

    I got same issue but i never installed a custom rom, never got that far, i can however get root on stock with a Patched Boot Image as flash command works fine, but i dont want root i want to use my mobile banking app and it wont work with root.
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    Post [APP] NordVPN is looking for Android beta testers! Free premium accounts!

    Just so everybody knows, they vpn solution is really slow and they 30 day money back policy is a scam.
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    Post What benefits have you noticed from 9.5.7 OTA and what's still broken?

    Full screen games still got issues with getting statusbar visible.
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    Post Treble roms

    Thank you was kinda confused as there is no treble roms in the 7 pro roms section so i had no clue on what to pick. :highfive:
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    Thread Treble roms

    I was looking at getting a Treble rom but i have no idea what to pick arm64-aonly-vanilla-nosu.img or arm64-ab-vanilla-nosu.img AB like on the 6?
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    Post Anyone else taking advantage of the OnePlus offer to trade in phone?

    Good idea, trade in for under 70% of what it is worth
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    Post [ROM] [Official] Omnirom for Oneplus6

    AFH always suck, the eu servers dont work at all
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][enchilada][8.1] LineageOS 15.1

    Finaly a proper working rom thank you man +1 for not uploading a non working treble rom.
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    Post [ROM] [OP6/6T] RENOVATE ICE 13.0 | OxygenOS 9.0.6 // 9.0.14 | Tweaks | Stables | SVN

    Gotta love Switch to Black Theme [Premium only] Begging for cash on something that is normaly in there for free.
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    Post [Experimental] [Unofficial] [2018-06-08] Lineage

    Already tried that as i said earligere. Treble was supposed to make things easiere not the other way around
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    Post [Experimental] [Unofficial] [2018-06-08] Lineage

    I got fastboot rom, the problem lies with not being able to boot roms in this thread.
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    Post [Experimental] [Unofficial] [2018-06-08] Lineage

    Already tried that, even tried Lineage rom, still wont boot
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    Post [8.1.0][TREBLE] [Pixel Experience] [AOSP]

    It is not his rom and should be moved.
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    Post [Experimental] [Unofficial] [2018-06-08] Lineage

    updated fastboot and adb, redo the instructions with no errors only to bootloop, or rather blue LED light on and no boot.
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    Post [Experimental] [Unofficial] [2018-06-08] Lineage

    Ok i tried your instructions, still dont work. fastboot: unknown option -- disable-verity fastboot: unknown option -- set-active=b are the 2 errors i get and it wont boot.
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    Post [Experimental] [Unofficial] [2018-06-08] Lineage

    I will wait until instructions are more clear and easiere to use before taking the dive.
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    Post How many of you Like the Notch?

    I have come to like the notch, the price and power you get outway any notch