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    Thread [Q] help trying to put cwm on my asus transformer

    i am trying to put cwm on my asus prime. it says it is on there but when i try to do a backup it fails and says error and sometimes it does not go into recovery. i don't know if i fully put cwm on the prime. i am new on rooting the prime. just figured out how to root the prime last night. i have...
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    Thread [Q] need help rooting prime tf201

    hi i have the asus transformer prime tf201 and i am trying to root it and i can't figure out how. I have unlocked the bootloader and updated the software to the newest one and i don't know how to root it. Can someone please help me. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] How is the phone?

    How do you all like the epic 4g touch?