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    Thread Is possible change the systemUI of cyanogenmod 13?

    I'm waiting for a long time that some expert user to create a port of some Rom with different interface from CyanogenMod 13 and wanted to know if I can take the systemUI.apk file and replace it in the priv- app folder. It's possible? In the notification menu I do not like the layout of the tile...
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    Thread Problem signal no calls and data.

    Hi, I have a oneplus one 64gb White with a connection defect in my Sim Wind IT, just lit asks me the PIN and after the connection lasts 1 to 2 seconds and then stops working. if at the time it takes the signal I make a call I can stay for hours and does not end the call but just end up calling...
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    Thread restore all to stock

    hello everyone, I have a problem with my new s3, the home button does not work well and I have to bring it to Samsung for the guarantee, I reset the count and reset everything as original and installed via Odin the stock firmware but now if I go in setting I try and updates tells me that the...
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    Thread recovering data from internal memory

    few days ago I installed the CM 12 in s3 of a friend of mine yesterday and asked me to install the stock firmware because he had problems, I download firmware and installed with odin but on reboot I saw that all the files are lost, how can I recover them?
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    Thread Tools for porting rom

    hello, I would like to experiment with the creation of a port type miui, when there is a tool that supports this smartphone? or an updated guide without tools.