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    Thread 240fps slo mo

    why there is no 240 fps slo mo. other Imx 586 devices have it. Other sd675 devices have it. Other devices having both imx 586 & sd675 have it. Even cheaper devices from same brand have it (mia3- same sensor). 240fps enabler patches are available for other devices like mi6. Can any developer...
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    Thread Complete dead

    First i was in miui 11 global. Then i was in miuimix 2 rom. Did a complete wipe incl internal storage from orangefox. Reboot . Phone dead completely. No lights no charging no vibration nothing. Please help............
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    Thread \vendor files request

    Can anyone kind enough please upload vendor folder files in root folder. I need those libraries. Please its much needed
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    Thread Completely Dead no lights

    It happened after trying to charge with a type c adapter and (may be a faulty)moto charger. After I charged it 2, 3 cycles with stock charger. Then reboots began. Opening gallery or any slightly heavy app caused reboot. After one week phone just turned off. pressing power key just dimly lights...
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    Thread Zui dialer contacts and message for zui roms

    I searched a lot for zui stock dialer contacts and message apps for zui oreo roms. Because personally i don't like google dialer/messages apps. All credits goes to the original guy who posted this zip. I don't remember who it was so forgive me. Or please reply to this post. It was meant for...
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    Thread camera2 api highframerate recording

    Many roms without camera2.api support 1080p 60fps recording via snapdragon and other camera apps ( Citrus, Aex etc). But in my experience z2 plus cant record 60fps if camera2.api is enabled. ie in gcam 1080p 60fps is not possible. In nougat roms flashing osstwrp enables camera2.api but after...