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  1. HiM@L

    Thread need S9+ help

    Hi, I have t mobile s9+ but got it unlocked after paying in full. Now I am with at&t . My phone is stuck with Android 9 December update. How do i force Android 10 update? If i were to use ODIN, which firmware should i use: t-mobile, at&t or unlocked ? I would prefer unlocked but don't want to...
  2. HiM@L

    Thread does Google Pay work with root ?

    been using my phone as locked bootloader for a while now. thinking of rooting again but convenience of google pay is something i do not want to lose. does google pay work with unlocked bootloader? thanks.
  3. HiM@L

    Thread 6 months YouTube Music. did any one get it?

    i read Pixel 3 owners get 6 months YouTube music free... did any one get any email regarding that?
  4. HiM@L

    Thread Android 9 issue: Bluetooth doesn't connect to car. Anyone?? [SOLVED]

    After freshly flashing 9 using factory image, every thing is running fine but bluetooth connection to my car. Anyone? I never had this issue with 8.1 and even 9 beta. With Official 9, my phone takes long time to detect bluetooth devices (or needs reboot to detect) (i had this issue with Pixel...
  5. HiM@L

    Thread nav bar height

    with new P and gesture, i think that huge nav bar height is waste of space. does anyone know simple way to decrease that height?
  6. HiM@L

    Thread Yet Another Stock ROM for NEXUS 5

    As the thread title suggest, its yet another stock ROM for Nexus 5. Stock: Busybox and pre-rooted. Debloated. Download: Stock Version Thanks to SuperR. for amazing tool. If you like what I did here, Please Hit Thanks. :victory:
  7. HiM@L

    Thread Backlight problem...

    Hey guys, while working ( i work as a waiter) i had my Nexus 5 inside my apron...accidentally i spilled jar of water towards me...and it got inside my apron pocket were the phone was....after sometime i realized i had a phone there....so i took it out...turned it off....at home...i did...
  8. HiM@L

    Thread Need Help in learning to build ROM.

    Hello Everyone, Few days back i decided to learn to compile/build rom by myself. i got old dell inspiron laptop....installed ubuntu 13.10 on it as only OS. it has 4 gb RAM and i3 processor....as i am just learning i think these specs are ok. i setup building environment following this...
  9. HiM@L

    Thread Opinion needed !

    so I just got this At&t HTC One X for my girl....usually i like to root and install custom ROM because you can do so many things and battery life is definitely better...but its not all true for all the devices....I have Nexus 4 so any custom ROMs work great....and since i am new to HTC One X i...
  10. HiM@L

    Thread Best radio for Nexus 4 on AT&T?

    Guys, so i just moved from T-mobile to AT&T here in US...so i was thinking is there any radio that will give best result ( in quality) either hybrid or stock. any AT&T users here.....I am in NYC area. which radio are u guys using for at&t? for tmobile i used hybrid because it gave me LTE. any...
  11. HiM@L

    Thread Does anyone have slimbean 4.2.2 build 8 ??

    i think SLimbean 4.2.2 was the best ROM for Hercules..i am thinking to flash that ROM on my friend's phone...does anyone still have that ROM? to me that was the most stable...battery friendly and smooth ROM...but i am open to any suggestions. ( i moved to Nexus 4 from Hercules long time back so...
  12. HiM@L

    Thread Quick Question regarding Nexus 4.

    i got my Nexus 4 as a replacement phone for Tmo SG2 from t mobile. Now i am thinking of switching my network to H2O wireless which works in att network ...i know Nexus 4 must come unlocked but since i got it from t mobile...is it unlocked or tied to t mobile?? also how good is H2O wireless if...
  13. HiM@L

    Thread prime charging cable.

    guys...my charging cable got ripped apart.. so i bought the cable from amazon...but the sad part is it doesn't charge...i still have the adaptor so i thought buying the cable is enough... but its not.. so now i am planning to buy the cable and adaptor combo... but reading the reviews give me bad...
  14. HiM@L

    Thread CM10 themes?

    Hi.. Those of u running cm10...which theme are u using...I can't find any cm10 theme for tablet. Are there any or am I too noob to find one? :confused: Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using xda premium
  15. HiM@L

    Thread Why circular battery icon ???

    I am using AOKP ROM with black infinity theme...i really love that theme but the only thing that bothers me is why is there only a circular battery icon...I would like a bar with percent like in CM9 or just battery icon with percent like they have in default ROM battery icons. is there a way to...
  16. HiM@L

    Thread help to revert back to stock.

    its been a while since i last used Amaze. i had installed Energy ROM (gb) and exchanged Amaze for Galaxy S2. he tried factory resetting it and said he is stuck in boot screen. I will be getting that phone in few hours and i want to revert that back to Stock rom with ICS. How do i revert back...
  17. HiM@L

    Thread ICS update.

    ICS update at 8pm through Kies. https://t-mobile.jive-mobile.com/#jive-document?content=%2Fapi%2Fcore%2Fv1%2Fdocuments%2F3029 Sent from my SGH-T989 using XDA
  18. HiM@L

    Thread bug i found in DARKSIDE.UCLE2 beta 06

    so...i just installed new beta 06 of Darkside...i really liked the new tw app drawer but i found a bug....theres no calender widget...like they used to have and the bug i found is...when adding agenda 4*4 to the screen touchwiz force close....then restarts...now the problem is...whenever u...
  19. HiM@L

    Thread regarding rooting & best ROM for Tmobile G2x

    hey.... so i will be rooting my friends Tmobile G2X tonight so i want to know which is the best ICS rom for G2x...stability and battery life is important. how stable is ICS in G2X ???? is there any precaution to take in consideration while rooting G2X. Thanks.
  20. HiM@L

    Thread [Q] odin says" Can't open the serial(COM) port." and fails to flash recovery.tar

    [Q] odin says" Can't open the serial(COM) port." and fails to flash recovery.tar hey,... i am trying to root my tmobile galaxy S2 and i am in downloading mode...put recovery.tar file in PDA section and when i hit start...nothing happens and after a while i get failed notice and says " Can't...