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  1. kingozilla

    Thread Is SAMSUNG following Apple steps, couldn't use the phone while calling!

    Hi guys, one of the things that annoyed me really in my Galaxy. When I get a call and the phone is closed.. I can't open the phone before I answer the call!! Honestly it's just a weird thing and annoying!! I have the right to use the device whatever I want! Who are you Samsung to interrupt in my...
  2. kingozilla

    Thread Your Navigation Bar

    Hi hello guys There are many types of Stock Navigation Bars. What I mean by Stock is the Navigation bar which came with your ROM or Custom ROM, But I don't mean the ones who are edited by the user using Exposed modules or something. As far as I counted, I realized that there are 9 probabilities...
  3. kingozilla

    Thread How I can update my custom rom via Recovery

    Hi guys. I'm using Sakura Project, and I have received an update, there are a bug who tells me that I can't download it. So I decided to download the update zip file from their website. Ok now I downloaded the zip file. How can I flash it in TWRP, what I have to do.
  4. kingozilla

    Thread Flashed Safetynet fix in TWRP wrongly

    Hi hello guys I really need a help. I downloaded the Saftetynet fix zip, that must be flashed in Magisk only. I forgot and flashed it in TWRP, my phone is on the bootloop, I don't know what to do. I really need the help now because I'm busy and need the phone.
  5. kingozilla

    Thread LineageOS 18.1 for Note 8

    Hi hello guys, I have heard that LineageOS 18.1 have came for Note 8 (SM-N950F), but I couldn't find the download link..
  6. kingozilla

    Thread Gapps for Note 8

    Hi guys, maybe you see my question something silly, but I want to download Gapss on my Note 8 SM-N950F exynoss. What the Options I have to choose? I use Ressurection Remix Android 10.0 I was in LineageOS 17.1 Android 10, and I have Gapps package and it was work with me without any problems, but...