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  1. regime2008

    Thread Replacement devices

    Ok, so i am seeing that Google has stated that NEW devices would be sent out for those who have had microphone issues with their pixel devices. Many have received "new" devices, with original packaging and accessories, and some users have received a much smaller box with just the phone, and no...
  2. regime2008

    Thread Notification light on Android O?

    For some reason my notification light has not worked ever since upgrading to Android O. I have a pixel Xl, which I flashed the stock Android O image, with everything stock, no root etc. And before anyone asks, i have enabled the notification light toggle already. :confused:
  3. regime2008

    Thread Aspect ratio + gaming

    Ok, so I play alot of Vainglory, exclusively on my nexus 6. I purchased the nexus 9 hoping to enjoy this game on an even bigger screen. But because of the 4:3 ratio, this game is missing a huge horizontal portion of the game, which makes it harder to play. With the pixel c being of a wider...