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  1. ridersam

    Thread [guide] [noob-friendly] [Ask Anything] [questions regarding VINCE]

    Will reply as fast as possible, questions can be a little off topic, I can provide useful links when free.
  2. ridersam

    Thread miui 10 via updater?

    can I flash miui 10 global beta via updater? ps: oem is locked
  3. ridersam

    Thread most stable rom aosp/los rom

    plz suggest me best and most stable rom based on nougat or marshmallow
  4. ridersam

    Thread [help thread] [noobs friendly] ask anything about vr

    typically reply under an hour
  5. ridersam

    Thread [help thread] [ask anything] [noobs friendly]

    typically reply under an hour
  6. ridersam

    Thread [help thread] [ask anything] [noobs friendly]

    typically reply under an hour
  7. ridersam

    Thread [help thread] [ask any question] [noob friendly]

    typically reply under an hour edit: if other members knows the solution who comes across any query in this thread then please help each other, every single help is appreciated.
  8. ridersam

    Thread [guide] [how to install Google assistant in miui lollipop] [miui8 lollipop]

    hello miui lovers, this is a simple guide to help you install and get Google assistant working in miui 8 lollipop things required 1. rooted miui to edit build.prop 2. Google app 3. Brain (^_-) 4. xposed installed if not follow the below steps or skip to main steps. for lollipop, first...
  9. ridersam

    Thread hack wifi using rooted android phone..

    hey friends plz use this only for learning purpose and don't commit any crime cause i won't be responsible if you are stuck with SWAT or any cyber police. THINGS REQUIRED 1. Rooted android phone 2. wpa wps tester 3. terminal emulator by jackpal 3. busybox 4. brain (most important) ;) links...