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    Thread [Q] Files which should exist in the java code

    Hey guys, recently i was trying to look in the code of ingress and i noticed that some files in some directories are not available in the java code (jdgui) but they exist after decompiling in .smali. How does this work? How can i see the java of this smali? Has anyone got an idea? Directory...
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    Thread [Q] Adding pic to apk

    Hey guys i am having some trouble with an apk.. Its like this.. I have an apk, but not the source. I decompiled it and have the R-files and wanted to add a logo to the apk. How will i be able to do that, or what will i have to add to let it be displayed in the upper left or right corner?
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    Thread APKManager doesn´t start

    Hello, sorry to make such a nooby request for help but i am new to windows :p so i downloaded and extracted apkmanager. everything went well and i decompiled and edited apks. but after 2 days (i didn´t install/delete/modify/edit any files) everytime i double click the script.bat, cmd prompt...