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  1. frylockk19

    Thread ClassiCube (Minecraft clone) for Windows on ARM32!

    Hey all, once again back with another port, hopefully you all are having a good day at the time of reading. This time I wanted to bring a lil fun thing to the Surface for people. Now yeah, I know people want Minetest, but I'm working on that. For now, here's ClassiCube instead! EVERYTHING...
  2. frylockk19

    Thread (BETA!!!) TigerVNC for Windows on ARM32

    Hey all, yet another app ported just for fun. I don't know much about VNC or use it myself, but people were trying to port this but couldn't so I gave a go, and here we are. BUGS: WinVNC4 crashes when you connect to it (will fix this asap) Links: (These are on anonfiles because Google decided...
  3. frylockk19

    Thread (BETA!!!) Otter Browser for Windows on ARM32

    Hey all, it's probably been a while since I posted, but as time has went on, I've been working on Otter Browser ports. It isn't stable, which is why it says BETA! Please say if something isn't working, I'll look at it when I can. What can it do so far? Some sites are more faster than Edge...
  4. frylockk19

    Thread make and CMake for ARM32 (plus other apps)

    I have ported make and CMake to ARM32 Windows that way if you use LLVM-MinGW, you can now compile on the Surfaces themselves. Code edits were required for CMake, but they were very little and I will say what they are if people want them. Have fun with these!
  5. frylockk19

    Thread Web browser development progress on Windows RT

    If you do build a browser successfully, please build it for RT 8.1. You don't lose much by building it for 8.1 as it will still work on 10
  6. frylockk19

    Thread HRESULT when signing exe with signtool (RT 8.1)

    Heyo everyone, sorry to bother, but when I try to sign a executable file (or dll) with the Windows RT signtool, it fails with this error message: "Cannot find object or property. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80092004)" I've tried importing the certificate manually, deleting and reimporting the...
  7. frylockk19

    Thread Stuck on N/A on boot on g6 play and can't access bootloader due to volume down button

    Hello, I just rooted my device using this guide ( https://forum.xda-developers.com/g6-play/how-to/guide-t3929928 ), and when I rebooted after installing Magisk, my phone is stuck on a "N/A" boot screen. I can't access the bootloader without adb/fastboot since the volume down key seems to do...