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    Thread "180 Ultra" is temporarily free for your new Kinde Fire!

    To celebrate the release of the new Kindle Fire, we've made our popular game "180 Ultra" FREE for a short time. What better way to break in your new toy than with some great gaming! This is a short promotion, the app will return to the normal price of $1.99 in a few days. 180 Ultra was selected...
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    Thread My $1.99 game is FREE on Amazon for a short time

    My game 180 is available for free temporarily on the Amazon Store (regular price $1.99). I am trying to get a bit of visibility for the launch of their new tablet next month; if you grab it, please leave a review over there. Thanks for your help, and enjoy the game! LINK
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    Thread [Request] looking to hire Android coder for a short gig ASAP.

    Experience with AndEngine preferred, but not necessary. Contact me for details [email protected] - thanks!
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    Thread My game '180' action-puzzler, Today's Featured Android App on Amazon!

    It's true! Our flagship title was selected by Amazon to be their featured FREE Android app today (LINK) and in just a few short hours it's rocketed to their #1 spot. If you aren't wanting to DL it from Amazon, you can grab a free (ad-supported) version of the full game on the Android Market...
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    Thread [APP] X-Men (1992 Arcade game) by Konami - available NOW!

    Wow! Without so much as a peep of advertising (from what I can tell), Konami has ported their very popular old-school button-masher onto the Android (and iPhone, simultaneously) Retro-heads can grab it now! [/CENTER] And if you want to thank me for having an eagle-eye and giving a heads...
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    Thread Default ATTN Devs/media: E3 mobile/indie developer meetup 2011 - info HERE!

    I posted a blog about this a bit ago and it is already getting some very good feedback. If you're in LA for the convention and would like to meet with other mobile & indie developers then you should come and say hello! There will likely be more than a few bizdev/marketing folks there as well...
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    Thread a video to describe the frustrations of app development, and girls

    My buddy is shooting a little indie documentary on Food Trucks in LA (I do deliveries), and we got to riffing about my experiences trying to sell my Android game. 4aVbnFoYm3g
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    Thread [GAME] "180" arcade/action, $2 or FREE with ad-removal after 10 hrs!

    Our game has a unique new monetization method - buy "Ultra" version for $1.99 and all features are unlocked from the start. Or play the ad-supported free version, as cumulative gameplay time passes you will unlock all features and at the 10-hour mark all ads will disappear forever - both...
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    Thread [GAME][FREE]"180" wild action-puzzler, will make you wish you were never born

    [GAME][FREE]"180" wild action-puzzler, will make you wish you were never born Alright! My new game has launched! Check it out at the Android marketplace here So here's the skinny: Tetris Attack meets Bust-a-Move, inasmuch as the clearing and complex combos/chaining function. The...
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    Thread [APP] Wanted: Beta testers for a fast-action arcade game "180"

    Hi all, after several months of stop-n-go development the Android port of my "pride and joy" is nearly complete! 180 (gameplay videos & other info at link) is a very oldschool-style game (Tetris Attack meets Bust-a-Move - sort of), it's done very well on iPhone and we've upgraded it considerably...