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    Thread Custom Rom's Question: WIFI

    So .. i was Using Custom Rom of the S5e for Quiet a while.. but i noticed this.. Our Router is set that New Devices that where never in the Network before can't Login to WIFI. So after a Rom Update.. the Tablet has no WIFI.. so we always have to Open The Router Back up to Enable All Devices...
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    Thread P20 Pro GSI Roms (No MTP or ADB)

    Well i installed DotOSv5.0.0-GsiTestProjects_gsi_arm64_ab on my P20 Pro. Everything Works besides.. ADB and MTP. Is there any way to Fix that?
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    Thread OxygenOS (Beta 2) Launcher on OxygenOS 4.0.2 ?

    Any Way to Get the OxygenOS Beta 2 Launcher with the 2 Layout Options in the Stable 4.0.2 Build from OxygenOS ? :o Thank You :) :p
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    Thread Tutorial - FiX the Modelnumber in About the Phone.

    Some Custom Roms, Shows the Modelnumber as: UNKNOWN I installed Ressurection Remix 5.7.4 and it was same. :eek: I really dont Like this and was Like, some might not Like this too :o If you want to Fix this there is a Easy Way to Fix this. WARNING: Im not Responsible for you Phone Freaking out...
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    Thread Remove Message: Use only original batteries! on Stock Rom?

    Hello Guys, i tried to Flash Enox Rom to my LG Optimus 4x HD but.. The Message Use only original batteries! Power OFF every Time comes up. And then The Phone is Shutdown itself. This never Happends with CyanogenMod Roms. Any way to Remove this? Thanks.
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    Thread (Request) Any Custom Rom, Kernel Devoloper, please Tell us About Old / New Bootloader

    Any Way Devolopers can Write: Bootloader: Old / New It's a Huge Issue for alot because as i run at the Old Bootloader and wanna Keep it since i found my Favorite Rom i wanna now for What Bootloader it is, if i wanna Test a Custom Rom :victory: Thank you, this Should be Really Helpful for a Ton...
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    Thread Shield Apps for Custom Rom.

    I really wanna use CyanogenMod on my Shield but i really need Shield Apps also because i have a Shield Controller any Link for Shield Apps for Custom Roms?
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    Thread Is CyanogenMod now Dead?

    I just Wonder if we never See CyanogenMod 14 (Official) After i read that... Click here And does this Affect other Custom Rom Releases? Because i not Seen a New Custom Rom a while now for The OnePlus X. Your Opinion to this?
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    Thread OxygenOS 3.1.x Stock Bootanimation.

    Just Request the Original Marshmellow Bootanimation From OxygenOS for the OnePlus X. And for anybody else who Want it (: Thanks.
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    Thread CM14 BluSpark Kernel

    Is there allready a Update Planed for CyanogenMod 14 Android 7.0 Custom Roms of BluSpark or Different Kernel because i Love BluSpark Kernel Auditor's Customization. (:
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    Thread Cyanide / VRToxin v4.0 with Working WIFI for the OnePlus X ?

    Hello XDA Onyx :) Is there someone allready Porting Cyanide Custom Rom, i allready noticed there is VRToxin but on this Rom my WiFi is not Working thanks to Connection Problems. Any way to see Cyanide or Just a Working VRToxin WIFI? I tested this Rom on my Nexus 5 , and the WIFI is Working...
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    Thread Reupload Custom Rom Request: C-Rom 7.1

    Somebody still have the Link of C-Rom 7.1 Android 4.4.4? I want it for soo Long but Download from C-Rom is dead can Somebody please Upload it and share me the Link? Thanks soo Mutch before :)
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    Thread (Galaxy Player 4.0)(YP-G1) E:failed to mount /efs (Invailed argument) Help :(

    Hallo Guys from the Forum.. I despair at just today I just Installed the Steves Kernel and Flashed the JoyOS Rom based on CM7.2 and after that i just installed back the Stock Rom but ever when i Flash PDA on Odin and the Player goes into the Recovery this gonna happend: I can get into the...