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    Thread [FIXED] Chromecast not working Oneplus 7pro

    I'm on 10.0.11 (rooted). 8 days ago, my phone can still connect to Chromecast. However, I can't connect anymore - whether I use screen cast (only searches but nothing happens) or google home (only shows connecting but nothing happens). However my Galaxy Note 8 can connect without any issues. I...
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    Thread How do I prevent system update after inadvertent clicking of system update notification

    Hi everyone. I'm currently on Android 10 and unfortunately I inadvertently clicked the update from the notifications - I haven't clicked the prompt to "OK" which is saying my phone will be unrooted after updating, and I immediately force closed it and restarted my phone. I understand Android...
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    Thread Migrating data from previous Samsung phone to OP7Pro

    Hi everyone, I understand OP has a OP switch app for this purpose. 1) Just want to confirm if this app includes application data (seems not if I understood app description correctly, but saw another site claiming otherwise), and if similar to Samsung's smart switch - it will copy photos and...
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    Thread Samsung Pass alternative for OP7Pro

    Hi everyone. I was used to utilising Samsung Pass for passwords, especially with its integration with Note8's iris scanner. Is there a password-manager app with a similar integration with either fingerprint or face scanner for OP7pro? Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] Update to Android 10 first, or root first?

    Hi everyone, I'm waiting for my Oneplus 7 pro to ship. I intend to upgrade to Android 10 and to root (via Magisk) it + install TWRP but was reading it around and found conflicting answers. Which of the ff is easier / less problematic? a) out of the box, install TWRP and root, then use...
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    Thread Oneplus 7 pro international (gearbest)

    Hi everyone, Gearbest is selling OP7Pro international version (https://m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009886261570.html?wid=1349303 but it seems it's the Chinese version (but with google stuff). Is it possible to change it to the UK version easily? Would it also be eligible to Oneplus warranty...
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    Thread Are rooting and TWRP installation possible without a PC?

    Hi everyone, Is is possible to root OP7Pro via magisk without a PC (or with a PC without admin rights)? I understand from the guides here that a PC is usuallyneeded to install TWRP, but I'd like to know if there is an alternative way to unlock bootloader, install TWRP and then magisk without...
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    Thread Is the OP7 pro 5g worth it?

    Hi everyone, From my understanding, the 5G version (EE) is more expensive and has 5G, but: a) does not support dual sim, and b) receives updates much slower than both OP7Pro (4G) and OP7 (the 5G version seems to lack the camera improvements in the 4G versiom) It seems the other 5G versions...
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    Thread Verification Failed on Magisk S7 Edge Oreo

    Hi Guys, I want to install magisk on my phone (S7 Edge Exynos - stock Oreo). I also installed TWRP (which does not stick for some reason) which tripped my Knox. I tried both the latest stable and beta versions via odin - and tried either just "preserve force encryption" (default) or "preserve...
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    Thread Is there a mount namespace-enabled ROM for Note 3?

    Is there any ROM (preferably close to stock or which allows use of S-pen) for Note 3 (SM-9005) which has "mount namespace" and 3.8 or higher kernel?
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    Thread Error in sending SMS through watch

    Hi guys. I'm using huawei watch (wear 2.0) with my s7E (Nougat). I am using default Samsung messages app on my phone. But when I use my watch (contacts then to try send message), the message "to improve contact recognition. Google needs to use your device contacts". When I click "turn on"...
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    Thread Huawei watch and S-health

    Hi. Does anyone know the way to make S-health compatible with the watch (using s7 edge)? Or an app which syncs with s-health? Thanks
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    Thread [Q] [Help] OTG support for NTFS HDD without root?

    It would seem Note 3 cannot read NTFS HDD using USB OTG cables, and the solutions in this forum usually require root access. Might have missed something, or maybe someone here knows - is there a way for my Note 3 to be able to read 500GB or 1TB HDD without rooting my phone and with just my...
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    Thread [Q] .nomedia not working?

    Adding .nomedia to a folder should make android gallery ignore that folder. But for some reason a movie i received thru bluetooth keeps on appearing even ic i already put a "." on ghe directory, or moved to another directory or even create new folder add nomedia then move the file. Pls help me...
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    Thread q> downgrade without voiding warranty or rooting?

    Is there a way to downgrade galaxy note or to reinstall new firmware without voiding warranty or rooting first your note? My phone's display got a lot worse after lc2 from la1 and some programs are no longer working like perfect app lock and the note's sim card change alert (it keeps having...
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    Thread [Q] sync chrome bookmarks with note browser

    I have tried chromemarks but the bookmarks just appear in chromemarks, not on stock browser or dolphin. The compare features of chromemarks says that even the full version won't let me sync with my stock or dolphin hd browser. My chrome dashboard also has problems with bookmarks syncing (though...
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    Thread [Q] force safereader to read thru phone audio?

    I'm currently using Nokia bh-505 as my bluetooth headset, together with ipod touch 4g (music player) and my note. however as bh505 only has limited multipoint, i can only connect my headset to note thru phone audio only (the ipod connects thru media audio, and it won't connect when i connect...
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    Thread Q>> rooting while retaining OTA updates, is it possible?

    I'm currently on LA1 and my note is still unrooted, but I want to root to use some apps such as titanium backup. Is there any way my note can be rooted (just rooted) but I can still update my note thru OTA? @sir dr.ketan: since I can't post at your post here, I'd like to ask, can I use the "I...