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    Thread Fastboot Strangeness, Having Issues Rooting/Installing ROMS

    how exactly did you flash the stock rom bc im lost on this process.... Heres where im at bc i cant get any help from the ProtonAOSP thread or anywhere. ive never flashed a rom without twrp and im lost now: BC This is what ive been getting...
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    Thread Phone swapping or eligibility questions...

    Hey! I ordered a Moto X Pure (2015) from someone on XDA, It's arriving tomorrow. I had a question about carriers but Verizon isn't answering my questions and its kinda frustrating. My good friend needs a phone and wants an iPhone. I have the iPhone she wants and since mine is arriving tomorrow...
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    Thread [Completed] I need a basic rundown of rooting benefits.

    I recently bought a Moto X Pure from an XDA Member which should be here at the beginning of next week. I used to own a GS5 which as you know is pretty locked down. Locked bootloader, hard to root, if you updated you're screwed, ect. So! I've been out of the rooting game for a while now and only...
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    Thread Cell Phone Unlocking Credibility

    I am about to pay cellunlocker.net to unlock my Galaxy S5 and was wondering if anyone here has used to and knows if it works? Is it a scam?
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    Thread ROM Questions

    So i ordered a Verizon Galaxy S5 on Amazon and when it arrived it was AT&T and when i put in my SIM it says invalid, I asked for an unlock code from AT&T and they said the payments haven't been completed. If I were to root and install a Verizon ROM would it be able to recognize and use my SIM...