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  1. painter_

    Thread [Q] Rom for Wife's phone

    My wife has a Optimus T running the stock ROM. Her phone is out of internal storage space and I thought that this would be a good time to put something newer on it. I offered to give her my Galaxy Nexus or get her a Nexus 4 but she loves her phone. She thinks mine is to big and complicated...
  2. painter_

    Thread delete

  3. painter_

    Thread FM Radio

    I do not have mine Nexus 7 yet but I am wondering has anyone investigated the bluetooth chip can be used for FM radio?
  4. painter_

    Thread Jelly Bean sculpture placed in front of Google's headquaters.

    It looks like Jelly Bean is confirmed. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57460683-94/google-heralds-next-android-with-jelly-bean-sculpture/ http://www.slashgear.com/android-jelly-bean-statue-appears-at-googleplex-26235738/
  5. painter_

    Thread Help finding an icon set.

    I am looking for this set of icons. I have been using them for a long while and recently lost the SD card they were stored on. I just spent two hours looking for them with no luck. The icons are in the launcher bar.
  6. painter_

    Thread [Q] CM9 porting to the 7 Plus

    Has anyone looked at what it would take to port CM9 to this tablet yet?
  7. painter_

    Thread Spirit FM Radio app compatabilty

    I have been talking to the developer of the Spirit FM Radio app. For those who don't know about this app, on certain devices you can use the bluetooth chip to receive FM radio. Well anyhow it looks like this tab does not have this capability...
  8. painter_

    Thread Tired of locked bootloader, call me a sellout.

    I have decided that I can not deal with the locked bootloader on this tablet and have chosen to sell it (got more then I paid). The A100 is a wonderful tablet and has great potential but the lack of developers and dead end bootloader is a showstopper. I am waiting for another brand 7 inch...
  9. painter_

    Thread [HOWTO] Hard Reset

    My touch screen stopped responding and the Acer tech had me factory reset the device. The instructions are as follows: 1) Place the rotation lock switch in the up position 2) Press and hold the Volume down button, which is located farthest from the rotation lock 3) With the Volume down button...
  10. painter_

    Thread Touchscreen issues

    I picked up my tablet from by desk this afternoon and the touchscreen stopped working. It does not respond to at all. I have rebooted it both via the power button and the reset bottom on the bottom of the tab. One thing I have learned is the process on you tube where you set the rotation lock...
  11. painter_

    Thread Note taking app

    If you are looking for a note taking program for the A100 I just tried the Supernote app that was pulled from the Asus Transformer. It works really well on the a100. A link can be found in this thread. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=18079250&postcount=18
  12. painter_

    Thread How do we attract developers to this tablet?

    This is such a nice tablet and it is such a shame we do not seem to have any developers working on it. It really looks like the A500 is almost a match hardware wise. I have been trying to get the xoom tethering function to work without luck, but I am not a strong developer. I mostly work...
  13. painter_

    Thread GroveIP

    Has anyone tried GroveIP on their A100 tablet yet? I found it works on the A100 but the echo is really bad. I tried it with headphone and it is perfect.
  14. painter_

    Thread show your A100 Home Screens.

    Include what launcher, widgets, etc..
  15. painter_

    Thread Weather Bug - got it working

    I installed Weather Bug today and to my dismay I could not get it working using location services. It worked fine if I removed the location services check boxes during setup and manually entered the location. I was not happy with having to use a manual entry for my current location and every...
  16. painter_

    Thread PLEASE stop using the the word “retard” in your posts.

    [flame suit on] In 2011, why do people use the word “retard” to describe to describe stupidity? It is very offensive to people that have children with special needs. I have seen it more times in the Nook forum then all of the other areas on XDA. Try to remember that many people have loved...