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  1. Poke01

    Thread root malware???

    CDN connection through root.....
  2. Poke01

    Thread [Q] General guidance please

    checked delete thread
  3. Poke01

    Thread [Q] Questions about root for uckh3

    ok.....I have bricked and revived my phone a few dozen times, trying different ways to root on this stock rom uckh3. Is there a good way to JUST root from this or do I need to flash a different rom? What are you guys doing? I'm sorry if I sound very new to this but I have tried many of the...
  4. Poke01

    Thread [Q] Bricked.....jig wont work. Seen this screen?

    It seems I may have bricked my i897 last night. Keep getting this screen... "tried to insert pic here but it wont let me" and since it wont i will have to describe it. (probably wont get much help this way.) the screen is similar to the pics I have seen of a phone---<!>---PC but it looks way...