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    Post DeX Pad working with WQHD 2560X1440p resolution - evidence & solutions

    Thanks guys I am trying Note 8 (Pie of September) with Dell D6000 USB-C Dock 1) I confirm WQHD 1440p is greyd out for the External Monitor when i go to DEX Settings 2) I also confirm the D6000 Dock works with HP Laptop and same screen and cables at 1440p, so just not the right dock 3) I try now...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] Havoc-OS 4.x [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    Thanks, I flashed the Havoc two days ago, I have a solution with N-910V Snapdragon, MHL Adapter and WQHD Display... I am curious about finding a solution and discovering more Android 10 Desktop on secondary screen. For that I made nearly everything from this thread...
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    Post can't connect to VPN on my Fritzbox

    Hi Alessandro I have a Samsung Note 8 running on Android 9 and i also cannot connect to my VPN on Fritz!Box 7390 I am planning to change the Note 8 to a Note 10 in 2021 but this is something that could be fixed I found a thread in Samsung Community in German, that the Fritz!Box VPN does not...
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    Post Unable to change Mobile network (provider) [OnePlus 2 - LOS 16.0]

    No worries, I found a way to use that SIM card, my issue was different, But I dont remember how I did this, June 2019 and October 2020 :) Stay safe!
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    Post W10M Windows Update Issue (Error: 0x80070273)

    Resetted Phone: Nokia Lumia 925 Windows 10 Mobile 1703 Update 2019-06B for 1703 arrives and still get 0x80070273 Planned steps: - Interop Tools and Dependencies Installation - changing Registry to Nokia Luima 950 etc. - checking XML File maybe correct - trying Update agian
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    Post [HACK] Market Hack for Yarvik 10" TAB460 (and others?)

    yes please +1 i would like to get the firmware for upgrade to 4.1
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    did you at all look at the second forum post of this thread? i will not further reply because questions like this you could pay for at support :)
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    Post [Guide] Upgrade to Windows 10 15063, bootloader unlock, root, interop unlock

    For me for some For me for some reason the 4 Registry keys exist and I still cannot update to 1709, i am on 1703 and i got error 0x80070273 i also change OEMInput.xml according to another guide, still no luck its 6/2020 and maybe MS changed again something?
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    Post W10M Windows Update Issue (Error: 0x80070273)

    Hi, are you on 1703 or 1709 or did you dump your nokia phone... I have a Nokia 925 and I try this guide I changed the OEMInput.xml and could replace it on the filesystem I am already on 1703, but then i get this Windows Phone Update Error 0x80070273 I have set 4 Registry fake Keys...
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    modem update = network patch, i cannot remember which is the highest version, i dont own my P9 currently
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    go back to android 7 :) did you update the modem?
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    possible the gps is damaged? or can you restore factory P9 firmware for Android 7 and it works?
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    Post Windows 10 mobile otc updater

    Hi did you update Lumia 925 further than 1511 Version of Windows 10 ? If yes could you share a thread that you used? thanks
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    Post [GUIDE] Win10 Mobile (Semi-)Offline Update Project 10586.107 [UPDATED V5.3 beta6]

    Hi Peekie could you please share how you continued from Version 1511 to a 2020 january build? I am at the Version 1511 10.0.10587.107 build of windows 10 mobile on Lumia 925 and I tried: 1) Update through Phone Update: - Checking for updates... (5 min wait) - Your device is up to date. Last...
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    Post 10.1 discussions

    I am on a German VOG-L29 but not in Germany I am on I was at Huawei Experience Store yesterday They said for now its the latest and 10.1 will be pushed soon, maybe sooner to mine than to others because its German If I check for updates its says up to date is the Huawei Firmware Finder...
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    Thread Note 8 DEX Multitrack USB Audio Recording / External Microphones [STOCKFW]

    Hi XDA Community Setup: Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (connected to a USB 3.1 HUB because otherwise 48V Phantom Power does not work) Two Condenser MICs connected to INPUT 1 and INPUT2 of the USB Sound card, powered by 48V Samsung DEX Dock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Single Sim) running...
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    Post Sample rate for LDAC in developer options

    I suppose the Audio Manager needs a configuration button, you cannot limit this to App Settings, this must be available system wide, because there are not only Spoitify users around, me for example Ilike to record voice messages in Singal Messenger App with external USB Soundcard on Android 9 on...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][greatlte][SM-N950F][10] LineageOS 17.1

    Hi all could I ask a few questions, I have Note 8 single Sim: - does LOS 17.1 support S-pen? (I have bought SPen Command License) - does LOS 17.1 support Dex Dock for Note 8 Ethernet port? - does LOS 17.1 support Samsung Keyboard Cover for Note 8? - does LOS 17.1 support WiFi Auto reconnect...
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    Post Open WiFi with login (e.g. airport)

    i used the workaround to go to browser manually and typed that worked in 95% of the cases
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    Post Dial / DTMF tones during a call not being played - Samsung say it's not a feature!

    I use a Gigaset HC450 Doorbell that is able to divert a call. This is a rare device, check ebay, it is a DECT phone on a Siemens Gigaset IP Base Station with a SIP provider configured) So if someone presses the doorbell button on the Gigaset HC450 and status is set to AWAY then the configured...
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    Post Note8 Keyboard Cover

    for me with hungarian firmware android 9 i need to press alt and m for the "." i will ask samsung how to reprogram that the dot is pressed when i press the dot short because right now a $ sign appears if i press short and if i press for 500 ms a dot appears ;)
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    Post Note8 Keyboard Cover

    Hi there and if my software is not supported, why do you think the screen resizes correctly and i got a greeting that I am using the keyboard cover? My first assumption is wrong: i think the old keyboard in Android 8 was just like the case, but the android 9 keyboard is different, i called the...
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    Post Note8 Keyboard Cover

    I got mine, but it does not work yet correctly I think you can configure samsung keyboard special characters somewhere in the settings, to appear at different positions, at least in my hungarian firmware you find it i have another issue, maybe you solved it already: The Onscreen keyboard looks...
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    Post Chat Features in Messages

    I changed the forwarding to not forward ports 80 and 443 to a dedicated IP, still did not help the router behind my mikrotik router and its wifi is capable of getting a status Connected the mikrotik router itself and its wifi cannot get beyond Connecting... I wonder if that might have to do...
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    Post Chat Features in Messages

    I also think that my webserver port 80 and 443 causes this, I will try disabling the forward cause my webserver died ;) waiting for replacement unit
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    Post [DSB2] Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) OFFICIAL OneUI/Pie beta (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    I talked to TIM (they have really bad support, THEY have no idea when they will update) and TIM recommended Samsung Customer Care. Samsung told me that the law of each country is implemented in the software, so since I am in Hungary I would need the Hungarian National Version of the Firmware. Is...
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    Post [DSB2] Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) OFFICIAL OneUI/Pie beta (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    BluePhnx thank you sir for your kind answer. i will try to contact TIM in english in writing and translate with a friend who is a human. actually i am not italian so the ITV is maybe not best choice for a manual CSC change I would like to choose a CSC where I will have long support on...
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    Post [DSB2] Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) OFFICIAL OneUI/Pie beta (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    Hi, I have a N950F Single Sim from italy TIM, and i wonder why they stopped to send OTA updates since October, my Security is still october, does anyone know why i dont get the DSL3? Actually i found that they have a DSL3 Developer editin with a tool called CheckFirm from PlayStore, now how can...
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    Post BlackBerry 8520 Curve Unlock

    i will get a Blackberry Curve that is locked to a provider the next few days... can i help you asadnow2k ?
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    Post Chat Features in Messages

    I never succeeded yet I assume (as a RCS novice) support has no idea what RCS is and Google has support agents that have also no idea and the people who developed this left the company or got kicked out...
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    Post Removing Retail Demo to Stock

    Did someone have success to flash consumer emui 10 on demo p30 pro? thx
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    thx, that was helpful, still not working i chosen the fingerprint of my P9 7.0 cause i cannot chose 8.0 or shall i chose something else? i add logcat with telekom string filter from the 25 seconds when magiskhide telekom app is started
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    1. I played with Hide already, still does not work not hidden as Manager, and not as Magisk Manager, also reinstalled often during those 2. Installed the MagiskHidePropsConfig Module at Downloads, Device rebooted, App was uninstalled, and how to switch to another keyprint now?
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    You can be sure that I am reporting only stuff that truly does not work... i reinstalled the app, does that clear the app data? if not, yes i cleared the app data 4 times The App works on rooted LineageOS 16.0 with Magisk 20.0 But on the UNSUPPORTED Huawei P9 Oreo that is only available...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Hi, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hu.telekom.telekomapp&hl=en_US this App cannot launch with Magisk anymore First worked on 19.3 then Telekom App got updated and did not work anymore, and now notworking on 20.0 see screenshots, i am happy to answer questions. My phone Huawei P9...
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    My battery was rebooting the phone at 40% when it needed to be replaced, especially in winter, when the phone was cold. If the phone is on +80% and this spotify/cam issue happends, then it is not the battery. but for me also the start of camera caused the phone to reboot at EOL battery. Even...
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    Post Android TV (Sony Bravia) Webcam support

    Don't know if it helps. BUT I successfully use a camera called Canyon CNR-WCAM513G1 (1.) with WhatsApp on a userless Android X86 running on a VM in order to scan QR codes from WhatsAppDesktop This VM is a device that has WhatsApp Android app installed and connected 24/7 to the internet, so I...
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    Post P9 / Developer options / Smallest width 420dpi persistent after reboot?

    Thanks m8 i ended up with wm density 380 that i like most your last post was showing the solution
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    Post P9 / Developer options / Smallest width 420dpi persistent after reboot?

    This settings i did not find in Magisk, not at Modules, not at settings, so i tried Kernel Auditor init.d, just the script i added and saved and worked in Kernel Auditor init.d does not stay there after reboot, it disappears. so any idea if i have mixplorer in which file i could try to insert...
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    Thread P9 / Developer options / Smallest width 420dpi persistent after reboot?

    Hi friends, I found a setting for my Huawei P9 (Unlocked, Rebranded and Upgraded AL10 with Oreo, rooted with Magisk) in the Developer options, that should be available anywhere on the last years Android devices. When you enter the Developer options and scroll down to DRAWING, then at the P9...
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    Post Does P9 have the View mode in its display settings to change system DPI?

    Hey there, i have Oreo on p9 AL10 and dont find the correct build.prop for huawei p9. None of the settings i found in the internet works. did you find a solution for Oreo? (rooted/unlocked)
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    Post Can't open options because dpi set too high

    how does dpi settings survive boot in Oreo on p9 AL10? thx
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    Post how to change the size of the screen like in Nougat on Huawei p9.

    hey there, i run Oreo on p9 AL10 and dev settings are 420dpi and no glitches in camera or anywhere. Question, how to make settings survive a boot? it always defaults back to 360dpi after boot. i played with build.prop but nothing worked for me. any ideas? thx
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    No further update method known, officially 540 patch C02 is the latest and yes December 2018 security patches still face recognition is worth that game :) at least the Chinese have my face now in their database, isn't that great? I am a star
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] LineageOS 16.0 [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    thanks and hi 0706 (2) it booted not first, but second and now seems to boot to system more often similar like 0331 fingerprint again working with N-910V i have one issue with trying to install apk of spencommand "App not installed" any idea? i tried all kind of fixes, no success
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    Post Chat Features in Messages

    Chat features work in Messages App by Google LLC for me nearly everywhere now: - Huawei AL10 P9 running Emui 8 Oreo on Telekom network in Hungary on WiFi (no Data subscription) - Samsung Note 4 N910V LineageOS 16.0 Pie on Telekom network in Hungary on WiFi and Data - Samsung Note 4 N910V...
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    Post Telephone / SIP issues

    FYKI I just checked the settings in Phone App by Google LLC on Lineage OS 16.0 on my Note 4 all settings about sip calling are available there
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    Post Unable to change Mobile network (provider) [OnePlus 2 - LOS 16.0]

    Thanks Any updates? I am roaming at the moment in HU
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] LineageOS 16.0 [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    I cannot force tower switch on Google Fi with Note 4 on LineageOS 16.0, I am in HU at the moment (roaming). it says: Cannot change network I will soon get a Pixel XL 2 write me a private message if you like google fi test results, this thread is not about that topic, thanks
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    Post Unable to change Mobile network (provider) [OnePlus 2 - LOS 16.0]

    Maybe it depends on the country and SIM card Provider? I have the same issue and cannot select Network Manually, would need to do so cause this SIM card is new and just roaming cause its US card used in Europe, how to force a command line Network scan? Moreover I had this issue in 15.1, too...