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    Thread Custom Verizon Roms?

    I am using the Rom NFSFan V1 right now, and am looking at other options. When you write the other customs to the phone, how do you setup the GPS, and the Carrier settings. What all do I have to do?
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    Thread 2.31 unlocker to 0.40 unlocker for Verizon

    I have NFSFAN 6.5 v16 and am having trouble with getting the GPS running. I started with the 2.31 unlock. If I start over and use the .40 unlock, will I have any bad effects from this? Can you go from 2.31 unlock to 0.40? The phone is a replacement from Verizon with 3378 radio oem with WM...
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    Thread Radio Questions

    I have unlocked my phone with 2.31 and cannot get the gps 3.423 to work. The customizations have ran, its verizon with new 6.1. I want to use the guide that starts with 0.40 coke. Will I corrupt the phone doing this?
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    Thread Help with Broken Links

    Where can I find these two files? WModem Drivers - Drivers required to use the Titan in DMR Mode. (Tested on XP/Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit) QPST 2.7 - QPST 2.7 Verizon aGPS Provisioning CAB - Cab that provisions aGPS registry settings. The links are dead and will not download. Thanks in...