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    Post Great NEWS, cm11 for first is coming

    It's on my adfree blacklist so I would say no
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    Post [Q] [Discussion] Android lollipop on S2 I9100 and I9100G

    hope for i9100G Galaxy Nexus just got AOSP lollipop, so there's hope for i9100G which uses the same soc
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    Post [Q] HTC First on t-mobile data issue

    You need to add the t mobile apn manually in the settings
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    Post Great NEWS, cm11 for first is coming

    This is excellent news! Great Job! Keeping the HTC First has finally paid off
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    Post HTC First Miuiv5 UnOfficial 4.6.17(MiuiTime 4.6.13)又一次见证

    You ported MIUI? Wow that means you can do cyanogenmod for us?
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    https://mega.co.nz/#F!YsgXgQKR!YdDrM-U0PzdRG3Y64CM9tQ Here is the kernel fix in the folder, I didn't test the rom yet
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    here is the original rom first posted, it may not work without alteration https://mega.co.nz/#!ctIDwKDQ!ygiPGRNCVwQCUvqBK46Ntk37Ym7bMIFa-yc8KE8Jdbs
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    Post [Q] A way to activate stock USB & Wifi tethering?

    There is another easy way to describe this, you can add the hidden "Entitlement" APN of your mobile service provider (which matches your current apn), so the system can allow you to use the hotspot: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=52522258&postcount=13...
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    Post WiFi tethering?

    That's not working for me maybe because I only used moonshine? I scoured the interwebs and found these solutions... These ways will work for people who can't still can't get their hotspot working: Stock roms seem to whitelist the apns that can use their tether, so either 1. Insert entitled...
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    can I make a mirror and upload to western file sharing server so people can download faster? Also can you make MD5 hash so people can verify that they finished downloading properly? [Edit] I noticed there is password protecting zip file, can't this cause problems?
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    Post Is there potential for a HTC One Mini KitKat port?

    you need to find someone to do it, Try asking Facebook or HTC support for an official update instead, it'll make porting a lot easier
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    Post [HOW TO] Enable Navigation/Softkey bar

    you need to write script (i don't the commands) to enable it after qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 Auto Hide Soft Keys 's Spoof Soft Keys option can enable it via hack, so there is a way to activate it on boot when it doesn't show
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    Post Kit Kat Tips Tricks and Bugs

    where is kitkat rom?
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    Post Shattered screen htc first

    you should use a screen protector and case no matter how cheap the phone is, as long as it has glass it can be shattered or scratched by a bit of sand
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    Post [APP][PORT] Browser from Nokia X (NO ROOT)

    It's not working on my htc first 4.1.2 stock
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    Post Battery life and CPU

    You may also want to check the io schedulers. It seems for me, using the jmz kernel, the default ondemand (which is also regulated on stock BTW) and CFQ scheduler with cpu frequency set at 324-1026mhz nets me the best screen always-on battery life with a at least 7 hrs on 3g and wifi and gaming...
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    Post Display issue after reboot

    It's probably a power saving feature for the lcd. The contrast changes depending on how much black there is on the screen
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    Post Wow, the speaker on the First

    Yes out of the box, the eq were set pretty well. Maybe it already used the beats library from htc one? But I was able to almost duplicate the effect with an EQ editor (dsp or volume+) on other phones that didn't sound as good. Hoping to see how well it performs on non-htc roms, maybe the speaker...
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    Post [APP][2.3+] Memotion - Emotion Analysis

    Hi, I noticed the graph has similarities to an old app that I had. Are you the also developer for the Tricorder 1.12 app?
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    Post Post benchmark tests here.

    That's about what i got with overclock too...15,8xx
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    Post Dev found for cm port! WIP CM Build

    Did you try downgrading via RUU flash of older stock rom?
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    Post Dev found for cm port! WIP CM Build

    dev: size erasesize name mmcblk0p22: 000ffa00 00000200 "misc" mmcblk0p21: 00fffe00 00000200 "recovery" mmcblk0p20: 01000000 00000200 "boot" mmcblk0p32: 5ffffc00 00000200 "system" mmcblk0p29: 00140200 00000200 "local" mmcblk0p33: 13fffe00 00000200 "cache" mmcblk0p34: 314000000 00000200...
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    Post Dev found for cm port! WIP CM Build

    rootfs / rootfs ro,relatime 0 0 tmpfs /dev tmpfs rw,nosuid,relatime,mode=755 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,relatime,mode=600 0 0 proc /proc proc rw,relatime 0 0 sysfs /sys sysfs rw,relatime 0 0 /sys/kernel/debug /sys/kernel/debug debugfs rw,relatime 0 0 none /acct cgroup rw,relatime,cpuacct 0 0...
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    Post Forgotten One Mini Alternative?

    Isn't the camera is always horrible on stock android? I looked at the reviews and don't think the Mini's camera is that much better hardware wise. It's mostly because of software, and if the Mini gets popular, the First probably will also get more dev support. A Mini dev has already ported sense...
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    Post Glass durability problems

    scratching with keys or knife is just a sham test, since iron/steel is always softer than glass. Anything with the same hardness as glass will scratch it. That means one grain of sand that got into your pocket will scratch the glass. When they start using concrete, rocks, porcelin, or ceramic...
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    Thread Forgotten One Mini Alternative?

    For those that like stock android, the HTC First (yes, the facebook phone some of you may hate) may be a cheap, good, alternative. It costs about ~200 usd atm for a new, contract free phone, which is half the price of the Mini with additional specs. It's even possible that the Mini's first aosp...
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    Post [WinTool] Pit File Editor

    This doesn't work properly btw, the Block Size isn't changed when the Block Count is changed and you can fix your phone as long as you have the original PIT file
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    Post [APP] Updated: 31/10/12 - PIT Magic v1.3.10 - Samsung PIT Creator, Editor, Analyzer!

    If you have your phone original PIT file, the main thing most people need to know is that Current Partition Block Size = Previous Part. Block Count + Previous Part. Block Size where block size is where the block starts and block count is the size of the partition you have have to change just...
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    Post [MOD] Facebook Home "unlocked" + Messenger 2.43 *working* chat heads & SMS [NO ROOT!]

    Haha it's not all devices cause it's doesn't work for Gingerbread!
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    Post [SHW-M250*] Korean Galaxy SII M250S / M250K / M250L Users

    flash the original m250s stock roms and extract the files from the system save it on sd card and then replace them in i9100 rom for the same android version
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    Post [SHW-M250*] Korean Galaxy SII M250S / M250K / M250L Users

    For GINGERBREAD only, I got the instructions on an xda thread and pulled it myself from from the HOME_M250S.EL21.2010 stock rom at http://w.jkh.kr/gb4/bbs/board.php?bo_table=galaxy&wr_id=198 replace with M250S file: system/lib/libakm.so rename and replace: sensors.SHW-M250S.so >...
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    Post [SHW-M250*] Korean Galaxy SII M250S / M250K / M250L Users

    my SHW-M250S (branded as i9100) has some compatibility problems with i9100 kernels. things like the vibration is weak, and the compass moving in the wrong direction (can be fixed with imported libakm.so) , and also when the m250s kernel & modem is flashed on top of a i9100 rom there may be a...
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    Post [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    Try uninstalling a2sd and then your apps and see if your internal frees up. Sent from my T9193 using xda
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    Post [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    You need more than 40mb free in your internal. Try using marketfix.
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    Post [Q] HD2 vs HOX battery life

    I found that it's very dependent on your rom and kernel and how efficient it's at standby. Here's my usual HD2 battery life on light-medium usage. I would think the one x would last longer if its rom and kernel was just as optimized.
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    Post [29-06-12][ROM] PARANOIDANDROID HD2 v1.5b [TABLET/HYBRID][CM9][A2SD][tytung_HWA_r3.2]

    Lol all the phones feel cheap compared to hd2 because of how heavy it is for its size
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    Post [Q] broken sd slot..

    How did you know your SD card slot was broken? Did you try using other SD cards? Sent from my T9193 using xda
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    Post Htc home key!

    No. (Tablet tweaks)
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    Post [Q] Replace USB-Port

    +1 equipment also inlcudes a hugeass soldering microscope. Without it you may not be able to solder data connectors properly. (That may apply even if you take it in for repair) But if it's not too damaged someone who specializes in soldering stuff should be able to repair it. Sent from my...
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    Post [NIGHTLY][Full HWA] CyanogenMod 9 [4.0.4][Kernel: cmhtcleo/tytung]

    it was one of the roms with the backported hwa kernels
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    Post [NIGHTLY][Full HWA] CyanogenMod 9 [4.0.4][Kernel: cmhtcleo/tytung]

    Yea pretty buggy. I tried it again on aokp v5 se with dorimanx 6.9 and it works perfectly.
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    Post [21 JUN 2012] DORIMANX ICS Kernel 7.3 Linux OC 96/1.62 CFS and OC Stable!

    That just means you have a 512mb nand mainboard (EU). There could be more variations such as: PB1*** SS-BC PB1100 HX-B3 PB1120 SS-BC Sent from my T9193 using xda
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    Post SDhc problem.

    People have used 64gb that also works
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    Post [Q] 1_HD2 Pdaimatejam Rom Wp7.5 Tango 7.10.8773.68 v8

    It normal for wp7 to overheat your phone if you use it a lot because it doesn't have power management. But even the older roms (7774 and below) that don't overheat still have about the same battery life. Sent from my T9193 using xda
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    Post [Q] Lock screen wake-up lag.

    I don't see anything wrong from the video. You don't have the real auo hardware wakeup lag (unlit 2 sec delay). It looks it lags from a low CPU clock. Are you using setcpu?
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    Post [APP][2.2+] Holo Launcher (Support Jelly Bean now)

    I believe he was trying to improve drawer speed on low quality scrolling cache by lowering picture quality. Sent from my T9193 using xda premium
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    Post [21 JUN 2012] DORIMANX ICS Kernel 7.3 Linux OC 96/1.62 CFS and OC Stable!

    On the new 7.2 hwa kernel I get a temporary black screen during screen rotation (with and w/o qualcomm drivers) on the aokp m5 se rom that didn't occur with 6.9 hwa. Not sure yet sure if because the rom is old or because if features in the kernel are causing it. But i looked it up and it seems...
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    Post Need help rom for hd2 pro there prototype

    I don't think the prototype hd2 is supported Sent from my T9193 using xda premium
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    Post HTC HD2 Memory Cards - Question

    Sandisk because it has stable performance and more compatible than other cards on wp7