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    Thread Stock Boot Image OxygenOS KB05BA

    Hi Guys, can someone extract the stock boot image from Oxygen OS Europe Version for me? I don't know how to do this and want to update my OP8T. I'm using magisk at the moment. Thanks, Maceo
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    Thread cannot boot twrp over fastboot - Android 10

    Hello i boot the twrp over following command: fastboot boot .\twrp-3.3.1-4-guacamole.img the message appears: downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY [ 1.245s] booting... OKAY [ 0.129s] finished. total time: 1.380s but then my OP7P will stock. On my display it shows the message "Fastboot Mode" and...
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    Thread OTA Installation with Magisk - Recovery Bootloop - OP7P

    Hello everyone I found the Tutorial from topjohnwu about the OTA Installation without uninstalling Magisk complete. https://topjohnwu.github.io/Magisk/tutorials.html So i do this steps last update from OOS 9.5.10. After the reboot, my phone will stock in a recovery boot loop. Also the TWRP...
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    Thread Snapchat Notification Sound changed

    Hello everybody Since i buyed my OP7P i haven't anymore the Original Snapchat Notification Sound. Everytime when i receive a Snap the sound is the same as the standard notification sound from the system. I cannot distinguish if its a snapchat notification or something else. Do u know something...
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    Thread android transparent status bar

    Do you know how to make the status bar transparent fully? Its very annoying..
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    Thread pocket mode doesn't work after beta 8 update

    my pocket mode doesn't work. when i put my finger over the sensor, the pocket mode would not be activated. Also when i do calls. The display won't switch to black.. Anyone knows more info about that? Thanks Paper
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    Thread How to build a NotoColorEmoji.ttf?

    Hello I would like to build a new NotoColorEmoji.ttf with the newest iOS 12.1 Emojis. My Problem is, i don't know how i have to implement the new Emojis in the NotoColorEmoji.ttf. But im very interessted to learn this. Have someone a idea or can help me? Regards Paper
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    Thread OP3T fall down - now i have a shatter screen

    Today, my friend throw my OP3T by mistake to the floor. Now my whole display is shattered. USB Debugging is deactivated. How can i save my data from the phone? Can i active ADB over Windows Shell? P.S: Screen is black and i can't use it anymore. Thanks for your answers. Regards Paper
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    Thread Youtube Crash everytime while starting

    Hello I use xposed since 1 year. It works stable. Since a half year i installed the modules "Youtube AdAway" and " Youtube Background Playback". But since 2 months ago everytime when i start Youtube, crash the app. When i go to the appsettings and Delete Data and Cache from the App, then it...
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    Thread Bootloader unlocked and software integrity cannot be guaranteed

    Hey everyone i erased all my Data over TWRP. Then i flash the OxygenOS Beta 10. But know when i restart my phone, the text will appear: Bootloader is unlocked and software integrity cannot be guaranteed. Before i erase my Phone, on this point I could switch to the bootloader and recovery. But...
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    Thread Everytime while updateing - TWRP Error 7

    Hello Everytime i want to update the new LineageOS Update the update failed in TWRP. I have a Oneplus 5 with TWRP 3.2.1-0 from Codeworkz. But everytime my installation failed with a Error 7. Also i try to delete the Assertlines in the ZIP file. Already failed. Can you help me? Thanks Paper
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    Thread LineageOS Downloader says "No LineageOS installed"

    Hello, I've installed LineageOS with TWPR from the official LineageOS Website. After the install I've downloaded the LineageOS Downloader, but this said that I havent a Official LineageOS Build. Do you know why? Regards Paper
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    Thread Internet is not working properly

    Hey, after i install the xposed Framework in Magisk, instagram says "unknown network error". Twitter do not load posts. Chrome inkognito Tab do not load any website. I uninstalled xposed and all modules, but its still the sams problem.. Thanks for help
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    Thread OP5 WLAN status "Saved/Disabled"

    I've attached two Screenshots. When i'll conntect to my WLAN. It doesn't connect. The Status are on Saved or disabled..
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    Thread Magisk and TWRP on Oneplus 5 (Oreo)

    Hello Have anyone Informations about Magisk and TWRP on the Oneplus 5 with Oreo Beta? Thanks, Paper
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    Thread Xposed Framework SDK25 on Nougat deinstall

    Hello, how can i deinstall my xposed framework on my Oneplus 5? I dont find any Files or Tutorials. Thanks, paper
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    Thread XPosed Modules are installed but doesnt work

    Hey everybody, I rooted my Oneplus 5 with Magisk. All is okay an the Magisk Modules are working. Then i installed xposed Framework over twrp. The programm is still working and i can download some modules. I restart my device and the Xposed manager say "xinsta" are installed. I stopped...