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    Thread Custom Kernel for Stock

    How many of you are running stock? Would you like a custom kernel with optimizations, governors, schedulers and overclocking/undervolting? Would anyone use it if I released one? If so, what governors and schedulers would you like to see? Thanks!
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    Thread Icon

    Hey, this is probably a dumb and obvious answer type of question but I've searched. I just got a new Tmo S7 and rooted it but for the life of me can't figure out what this icon is haha. I've attached a screenshot. It's the white wavy looking icon next to the VOLTE icon. It almost looks like a...
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    Thread [Q] Asus TF101 Transformer Stuck Booting to Only Recovery

    Ok, So I saw ClockworkMod released a recovery for the Asus Transformer TF101 and decided to try it out(Dumb move on my part I admit). Anyways, now it continually boots into Recovery and will not boot into the AndroidOS at all. I've attempted NVFlash only to find out I have a B80 with a...