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  1. J

    Thread Best Advice on preserving battery health on Rog Phone 2?

    Hi All, So I've had the Rog Phone 2 since it's release in the UK. To be honest, I'm not planning to upgrade for another 2-3 years as it runs everything I want (mainly with emulation). Now unlike iPhones or Samsung product, there is NO WAY to arrange a battery replacement officially. So what...
  2. J

    Thread Final Fantasy VII and VIII cheats on FPSE

    Hi there, I have made these cheats for FPSE. Just copy the slot1.mcd file and overwrite it. You can find it in: Root > Data > Data > Com.emulator.fpse > Files> Memcards Obviously choose your cheat. don't just copy both slot1.mcd. It's either for FFVII or FFVIII. WARNING: by overwriting your...
  3. J

    Thread Is there an APP to swap touchpad controls to dpad?

    Some games I don't enjoy playing on the touchpad and I think it would be better on the dpad. Is there an app out there that can change the mapping? Thanks.
  4. J

    Thread I have a confession.....This is the best phone ever!

    Seriously, since I've started working, I have had no time to play my console games. At night, I come home and I can't be asked to switch on my PS3, especially when I'm dying to go to sleep. So in the end I've decided to sell my PS3 as it is really gathering dust and that practically puts an end...
  5. J

    Thread Pro Evolution 2012 Onlive Running On The Xperia Play!!

    Pro evolution 2012 onlive is running on my play. You will have to change the controls so the shoulder buttons will be used for running fast and changing the player cursor. Check the video for proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS86LL-hxaQ