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    Thread {GUIDE]:[DIFFICULTY:BEGINNER]: Take a photo and post it to Facebook using your voice

    Context IFTTT and Tasker are Android's happiest couple. Let's see how easy it is to take a photo and post it to Facebook using a voice command. Foreplay: 1.Sign up to IFTTT on its website. 2. Download DO CAMERA from Google's Play Store. Set up the Recipe "Upload photos to a Facebook Album."...
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    Thread GUIDE:[DIFFICULTY: Beginner] Post to Twitter using a voice command

    Here it is an easy way to post to Twitter using Tasker and AutoVoice Foreplay: 1. Go to IFTTT's web page and sign up. 2. Download Do Note from the Play Store. 3. Choose the Recipe : Post a quick Tweet. 4. Download Autovoice and AutoInput from the Play Store. You are ready to go! Profile...
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    Thread Guide: [Difficulty:Intermediate] Run Shell Scripts in Tasker(3)

    Context: You want to be quickly informed about your use of internal and external storage. Let's do it from Tasker. Requirements: Root Task 1. Run Shell> Command: df Use Root. Store Output In %Storage (allows you to get info about all the storage on your phone. For the purpose of this task we...
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    Thread Guide[Difficulty: Intermediate] Run Shell Scripts in Tasker(2)

    Context: You want to get info about the time your device has been on since boot and store it to use in a widget or to trigger other actions ( save battery or anything you can imagine). There is an easy way to do that from Tasker. Requirements : Root Actions: 1. Run Shell> Command: "unmount |...
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    Thread GUIDE: (Difficulty: Intermediate) Run Shell Scripts in Tasker(1)

    Context: You want to get some useful information about your device and store it in Tasker to further usage. Here is a guide showing some useful commands you can use from Tasker. Remember you must check root to make them work. Requirements :Root I. Battery Status: Display your battery level...
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    Thread (GUIDE) Send a Glympse to a Contact without AutoInput

    Context: AutoInput is a great plug-in, but it does not work on all devices. You can send a link to a dynamic map with your location to a contact through text. (ROOT required) REQUIREMENTS: 1. GLYMPSE 2. ROOT Foreplay: 1. Launch Glympse and send your location to anyone you want. Choose the time...