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    Thread Ads popping up for no reason on new Galaxy 10

    My cousin bought new Galaxy 10 and i don't know how she did that but she has some adds popping up from time to time. I have tried to find if there is an weird app installed but couldn't find one. What do you suggest to do?
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    Thread Searching for an app that can split image

    Hello, There is a nice app called LongShot https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leavjenn.longshot It can take screenshot of a full web page and even a page in an apps. My problem begins when i want to upload it to Twitter. Twitter has its own image size\resolution limitation, so...
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    Thread Need help | fastboot devices not showing anything

    Hello, I want to flash TWRP 3.0 to my Galaxy s2 so i can maybe install Lineage rom. I have ADB command enabled and using "adb devices" it does recognize my phone and under device manager you can see it recognize the phone as android phone. But when entering into fastboot mode and entering...
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    Thread Can i use Stump with Poetic Slimline case?

    Hello to everyone, I have been trying to ask in many ways this simple question but i got no answer so i was thinking to try this place. I bought a few days ago the nexus 7 2nd gen with the Poetic Slimline case which i probably get soon enough. Recently i encounter nice accessory which called...